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SwS Episode 2: A day in the life of a Swede Posted by on Oct 29, 2010 in Culture, Swedish Language, Vocabulary


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? After a month of waiting, editing, and finalizing, I’ve finally got a new video to share with you all! Hopefully the next one won’t take as long to finish; I’d like to begin posting at least once every other week. I imagine I will become more time-efficient in my work after some practice with the first few clips, so hang in there while you anticipate my next episode! 😉

This second video has quite a different approach toward teaching about Swedish lifestyle and language, so please let me know what you think and whether you prefer this method of learning or the one I used in my first episode. Well, here we go!

Make sure you read the text presented in the beginning of the video. The Byki list I refer to can be found here. (More information about Byki here.)

Finally, I have read all the comments you posted on my first entry here and intend to continue doing so as time goes on for each and every video. The comments and suggestions you left have been very helpful and inspiring, so thank you! Your ideas will be taken into consideration for future videos. Feel free to comment on this entry as well!

Ha det bra!

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About the Author: Stephen Maconi

Stephen Maconi has been writing for the Transparent Swedish Blog since 2010. Wielding a Bachelor's Degree in Swedish and Nordic Linguistics from Uppsala University in Sweden, Stephen is an expert on Swedish language and culture.


  1. Betty:

    Handlar or shopping. My SFI teacher would probably say ‘handlar’ är bättre ..

    *Note from poster: True, the ‘real’ word is ‘handlar’ but it is more common to hear the younger generation say ‘shoppar’. I’ll point that out in a future episode. 🙂

  2. Rebecca:

    I really like this format! I am still going through the words and practicing but this format gives me the incentive to practice. Do this again! Thanks!

  3. Carla:

    Love it, Steve! I liked your last video as well, but I have to admit, going over the cards in connection with the list did make me feel as though I were actually studying it.

    I have had a lot of fun with my Swedish boyfriend as far as ‘snabbt’ though….when he told me he needed to run and get something, I promptly told him ‘snabbt!’ Oh, also when pointing out his yawns…”Hey honey…gäspar!” Hehe, well, it made him laugh, he never knows what I will come up with next. Someday I will get the phrases down, but I am grasping words at least 😀

  4. Shari:

    Skulle har varit kul att ha en sån video serie när jag träffade min man 15 år sen. Det var bra att han välde att prata bara svenska med barnen när de föddes, så att jag kunde lära mig svenska samtidigt! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Aidan Fritz:

    Tack så mycket.

    Jag kan läsa okej, men höra inte så god. Det är bra att titta din video och plugga.

  6. Carol Goller:

    I liked the video very much. However, next time I think I will cover the written words with a paper so that I can try to understand just from the sound.

  7. Paula:

    I like the video very much. I especially like that you didn´t speak too fast, and that you spoke very clearly. I appreciate seeing the text with the spoken work, that really helps. Also I like this way of learning……….by using the grammar rather than trying to explain it. I “get it” when you teach me by example, rather than lecturing me. Thank you.

  8. Naim:

    Det är bra video. Jag ska borja ibland for att skriva “comments”(does not know how to call in swedish) på svenska. Så, nagon kan hjälpa mer med ord som kan inte skriva(till exemple vad hetter comment in svenska språk).

    Tack for video igen!


  9. Judy:

    What a great concept! And very well done, too! This is a great way to practice my Swedish! I noticed that all of your actors/friends are very young people. As a suggestion, I think it would be more visually appealing to have a variety of age groups represented. I have an idea of your next level of video teaching: You could write a little vignettes that would be fairly easy to understand–like a soap opera story line. Then, have your actors act it out. That would be fun! Also, in what city have you filmed? It looks so familiar to me. Thanks for these videos! It’s really such a great idea!

  10. MmeLabonte:

    Fantastiskt! My children are learning Swedish in our homeschool, and I have been wishing for exactly this kind of thing to add to our studies. The step-by-step “he does this then he does this” format is very helpful. It would even be good to use the same format talking about specific tasks in the day. For example, eating breakfast or dinner, doing household tasks, göra pannkakor :o) m.m. …Tack så mycket!

  11. Dennis Anderson:

    I really like this format. I think it helps me think in Swedish! Well done.

  12. Sol:

    Det är en jätte bra video! Jag lärde mej svenska tio år sen, men det är svår att komma ihåg den som nu jag har ingen jag kan prata svenska med. Tack för video!!!

  13. Bilitis:

    Jättebra. Tack!

  14. Minty:

    It looks like Västerås to me, Gallerian and Punkt, and of course H&M. If its not Västerås, I will be surprised that another town would be laid out exactly the same! Oh…but the train station didn’t look anything like Västerås… Confused!

    I think this is a great way to learn too, but Im a bit past this stage. Thanks anyway, on behalf of other earlier stage learners 🙂

  15. Sue Nordin:

    I liked both language videos. I liked the first one best, however, because I was able to see Daniella speaking and see the words spelled at the same time. I liked that she explained common variations on how to say phrases also. It seemed more helpful for learning the basics than the second one, which was a little fast for a beginner. I am sure these are not easy to make, but they are SO helpful. Thanks.