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“Swedish Smörgasboard” Posted by on May 27, 2013

I come from a country that’s hard to find Somewhere near the icy pole But though we are freezing please bear in mind Sweden’s gonna warm your soul Our people are cold but our elks are hot A horny horde in every fjord Our moose may be loose but they hit the spot On our…

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Countdown to Eurovision Song Contest! Posted by on May 4, 2011

As you all know by now, Swedes are crazy about the Eurovision Song Contest and we spend the whole winter meticulously choosing our winner through Melodifestivalen and the song who will represent the Swedish music honour in Europe. Well, I say honour, but the truth is the Sweden failed to qualify last year and must compete in a…

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Agnetha Fältskog-Doktorn Posted by on Dec 7, 2010

Do you remember Agnetha from ABBA? Of course you do. But have you heard her singing in Swedish? Here is this song (in Swedish with the English translation) from 1975. I haven´t succeeded in finding a live performance or a video to this song but if you do, please link me to it. So I can…

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Top 15 Swedish things Posted by on Nov 2, 2010

Hey there all of you, In this post I will post all of the things you thought were Swedish. Hopefully our Swedish blog team can write posts about some of the different things as well. Then I have extracted 15 of all the things and hopefully they will be the most representative of them all…

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The evolution of Swedish pop part 1 Posted by on Mar 9, 2010

Modern Swedish pop music has been around for almost four decades on the international scene. We can all agree that it started with ABBA in 1974 at the Eurovision Song Contest. They put Sweden on the map in the music industry. But it has been quite a ride since then, and believe me when I say…

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