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Swedish Learning Resource Round-up Posted by on Mar 25, 2022

Are you looking for Swedish learning resources outside of your regular textbook? Or just looking for a refresh of resources you already use? This blog will highlight several great resources for Swedish learners broken out  by language level.  A Resource for Beginning Learners  After covering the basics of Swedish, a great way to increase your…

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Navigating Between Swedish Past and Perfect Tense Posted by on Jul 16, 2021

Memorizing and conjugating Swedish verbs needs to be more than just busywork. Learning how to use one tense over another is more important. To illustrate this point, we’re going to navigate the difference between the preteritum (past) and perfekt (perfect) tenses, and then how to use them together. So grab your favorite verb chart and…

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Swedish Expressions of Time – Round 1! Posted by on Feb 12, 2021

På torsdag and i torsdags both mean “on Thursday.” So which one do I choose, when? This week we’ll sort it out with an intro to Swedish tidsuttyck (time expressions). I’ll share three things to keep in mind when using these phrases. Next week’s post will build on this! Pay Attention to Your Prepositions Many…

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Transforming Words with Swedish Suffix -het Posted by on Sep 24, 2020

Ärlighet, öppenhet, verklighet… Honesty, openness, reality. These dynamic words are made possible by the Swedish suffix -het. Its English equivalents are -ty, -ity, and -ness, making it a noun-forming suffix. The three-letter addition of -het transforms simple adjectives into big-concept nouns. Words ending in -het are excellent additions to your intermediate and advanced vocabulary…

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Exploring the Swedish Suffix -is Posted by on Sep 18, 2020

This week we’re going to take a look at the Swedish suffix -is. Originally, derived from Latin, Swedes use this ending to shorten nouns, transform verbs, and throw down some slang. This -is ending is everywhere, so let’s dig in! Originally, Swedish adopted the -is ending from Latin. The Swedish word for “free” is gratis…

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Happy, Happier, Happiest – Comparing Adjectives in Swedish Posted by on Jul 31, 2020

Credit: Martin Svalander / Image Bank Sweden, "Growing Up in Sweden."

Glad, gladare, gladast! Happy, happier, happiest! The endings for comparative and superlative follow a pattern in Swedish, it’s pretty straightforward, hurra! I’ll introduce some of the regular adjectives this week, and cover the irregular bunch in two weeks. This post was inspired by a reader’s comment on a blog a few weeks back. I love…

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Even Spicier… Bisatser with Adverbs! Posted by on Jul 24, 2020

Credits: Tina Stafrén/imagebank.sweden.se

Last week I covered dependent clauses, or bisatser, and some common words to know when using presenting a bisats. So, have you practiced?! Vad bra, we’re going to do bisatser 201 now. Specifically, what to do when adding an adverb into your bisats.  I mentioned last week that bisatser consist of an intro word (bisatsinledare)…

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