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Of, By, From? The Swedish Preposition “Av” Posted by on May 27, 2020

Prepositions are tricky parts of speech to master. I’ve covered this topic before with i and på, but there are plenty more for us to dissect! Attempting to translate prepositions directly from your native language into Swedish often doesn’t pan out. Sometimes the preposition is the same, sometimes not, sometimes you don’t even need a…

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Stream Smarter, Practice Swedish! Posted by on Apr 21, 2020


People are consuming more media online now than ever more. Statistics show us that streaming of media content online is up almost 50% in some countries due to Coronavirus. With that in mind, I thought that I would highlight a couple of Swedish websites with movies and tv shows that are available right now via…

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Expressing Yourself with Swedish Prepositions Posted by on Feb 25, 2020

Prepositions are those pesky little words that often trip us up when we translate word-for-word from our native tongue into our foreign language. I wrote this i eller på post a couple weeks ago and the reader comments reminded me of some other challenging prepositions. This post will cover prepositions specifically related to känslor…

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Bake Swedish Cinnamon Buns Using Imperative Verbs! Posted by on Feb 18, 2020

I don’t know if it’s my animal instinct to bulk up for winter or my general love for baked goods, but I have been eating a lot of sweet and doughy things lately. Below I’ll share a Swedish language recipe for cinnamon buns highlighting imperative form. You’ll learn verbs specific to baking and come away…

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Swedish Preposition Breakdown –  “i” and “på” Posted by on Feb 11, 2020

“Should I say i or på?!” is a question that most folks learning Swedish have asked at one time or another. While many elements of Swedish grammar are pretty straightforward, prepositions can be tricky. In this post, I’ll cover some hard and fast rules for these prepositions and provide plenty of examples for you to…

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Be Better This New Year with Resolutions in Swedish Posted by on Dec 31, 2019

As we say hej då to 2019, some folks will ring in the New Year by making lofty goals and striving to be a better person. Ett nyårslöfte is Swedish for a New Year’s Resolution. Swedes and Americans alike share in this tradition of making goals and promises for the upcoming year. In this blog…

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A Master List of Swedish Resources for Christmas Posted by on Dec 24, 2019

God jul, folks! This year for Christmas I’m giving you all the gift of web resources! The internet is truly a magical place nowadays for language study, but there is a lot out there and it can be hard to sort it all out. Below, you’ll find some of my favorite web resources for grammar…

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