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SVTplay has lots of free content to stream https://www.svtplay.se/

People are consuming more media online now than ever more. Statistics show us that streaming of media content online is up almost 50% in some countries due to Coronavirus. With that in mind, I thought that I would highlight a couple of Swedish websites with movies and tv shows that are available right now via online platforms, mainly SVTplay.se and URskola.se. 

First, I want to point out that different countries have different media licensing. That means that Netflix in the United States does not have the same offerings, in Sweden, or in Australia, etc. This is the same for Swedish television. Sveriges television has lots of content available on their website, but not all of it is available for people outside of Sweden.

Netflix currently offers the popular family drama, “Bonusfamiljen / Bonus Family”. For even more drama is “Störst av allt / Quicksand,” based on the hit novel by Malin Persson Giolito.

 SVTplay.se – is the jackpot. This content is free and programs available to stream change often so if there is something there you like, watch it before it goes away! From the main page, click on “Program,” you can view all of the different genres. From Barn to Öppetarkiv and Nyheter, there is something for everyone!





Here are a couple of recommendations from SVTplay that are currently available to stream in the U.S.:

The iconic 1969 version of Pippi Långstrump from is available to stream from “Öppet arkiv,” a section that features Swedish classic tv and movies “from the archives.”

Nyheter på lätt svenska is “the news in easy Swedish.” This is great for intermediate level students looking to build vocab. The newscasters speak clearly and enunciate well.

Like renovation-style shows? Trädgårdstider is a popular show, sort of a gardening meets lifestyle-vibe, featuring tips and tricks for creating a dream gardening, including renovation and cooking.

From the Barn / Children’s category:
Fixa rummet: learn DIY-vocabulary as the handy hosts assist kids dream big and create a room or hangout space of epic proportions!
Lilla aktuellt: news for elementary-aged Swedish kids! (Pssst, listening to this age group is great practice for adults too!)
Alfons Åberg: classic cartoon for young kids. GREAT for vocab-building adults. 

…there is plenty more available on SVTplay, so do some exploring. 


Onto the next feature website, URplay. It’s comparable to the Swedish version of PBS, and focuses a lot on educational programming. It has a variety of options for all ages and interests. 

One of my favorites is Grammatikbolaget, geared towards elementary Swedish students, it explains Swedish basic grammar concepts. Some of my students love it, some find it too cheesy, what do you think? …I kind of like cheesy 😉 

Geografens Europagåtor /UR

Geografens Europagåtor /UR

Looking for some practice listening to Skånska? Geografens Europagåtor / “The Geographer’s European Riddle” features Mortensen, a Swede who speaks in a great southern- Swedish accent. Mortensen is traveling in Europe and films a digital postcard to send back to his friend Holger in Sweden. The watcher has to guess Mortensen’s location based on his clues.


The last one I’ll feature is De yttersta barnen “The outermost children.”  This show has fyra avsnitt / four episodes, showcasing one child living in each of the four corners of Sweden. This show is great for environmental vocabulary because the kids team up with a climate researcher in each episode. Below is a wordlist I made for the first episode featuring Emilia i Abisko! 


Discover any new programs with this list? Have any other ones you like? Sharing is caring, write them below in the comments! 



en expert  -> experter                     an expert/s

en miljöexpert                                  an environmental expert

en hundgård                                     a dog farm/dog kennel

en valp -> valpar                             a puppy /puppies

en klimatforskare                            a climate researcher

avgaser                                              fumes/gases

ett lock                                               a lid

permafrosten                                   the permafrost

en översvämning                             a flood

en myr                                               a marsh


att göra experiment                        to do an experiment

att påverka                                        to influence

att skapa                                            to create

att ta reda på                                     to find out

att känna                                            to feel

att bero på                                          to depend on

att släppa ut                                       to release

att mäta                                              to measure

att tinna                                             to thaw


de yttersta platserna i Sverige      the outermost places in Sweden

högst upp i norr                               high up in the north 

längst ut i öster                                far out in the east

längst ner i söder                             far down in the south

längst ut till väster                           far out in the west

ett hållbart samhälle                        a sustainable society 

den globala uppvärmningen global warming

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About the Author: Chelsea B

Chelsea is a Swedish language instructor and translator living in Minnesota, U.S. She has a degree in Scandinavian Studies from Gustavus Adolphus College and has experience living and working in Sweden from north to south! In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, listening to music, and practicing slöjd, the Swedish word for handcraft.


  1. JP:

    Thanks so much. I grew up with Swedish, but raised in the US, I lost so much. Have been watching Swedish Wallander, which has resulted in so much Swedish idownloading in my brain. Now you have provided even more content to learn from—-and Pippi!!! Thanks for your very educational blog.

    • Chelsea B:

      @JP Hej JP! Vad roligt! Thanks for giving a nod to the Wallander series, that’s a great one to watch. I’m glad that you found my links helpful as well. Happy streaming 🙂

  2. Arna:

    I’ve been studying Swedish for a couple years now and I never knew about URplay – what a fantastic resource! Tack så mycket!!!

    • Chelsea B:

      @Arna Varsågod, so glad it was helpful! There is SO much great material on URplay, you can also find recorded short stories, and other audio if you do a little digging. Happy listening!

  3. Liz S:

    A new season of Vem bor här? is also airing now on SVT. It’s my all-time favorite Swedish show – design, psychology, scenery shots of Sweden in the fall – it’s got it all! 🙂

    • Chelsea B:

      @Liz S I’ve never watched that, Liz! Tack för tipset!

  4. José Fernando Pineda:

    Tack så mycket. Det är en mycket användbar guide

  5. kung carl gustafsson:

    youtube is also a great tool for learning. these youtubers have helped me get very good at listening to swedish. they speak clearly and are entertaining.

    svenska med kalle (good for beginners)
    tommy starsson
    fanny nord
    cluee news
    viva la julian