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Magdalena Andersson is Sweden’s First Woman Prime Minister Posted by on Dec 10, 2021

In, then out, then in again! After a political rollercoaster that lasted nearly a week, it’s official: Magdalena Andersson is Sweden’s first woman to serve as prime minister. Why did she resign almost instantly after being selected to lead the government? This week’s post will clear that up.  I’ll introduce this topic in English and…

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Say skål! Swedish Christmas Drinking Songs Posted by on Dec 3, 2021

It’s December – let the holiday festivities begin! Besides celebrating Christmas, Swedes enjoy advent and Lucia. Each holiday comes with a suite of songs that people know by heart. But at the dinner table with family and friends – a proper skål craves another type of jovial ballad – the snapsvisa. This week, we’ll cover…

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5 Irregular Swedish Verbs You Need to Master Posted by on Nov 19, 2021

A student recently reminded me how difficult it is to memorize irregular verbs in your foreign language. Well actually, she said, “Swedish irregular verbs are the worst.” Att vara, att se, att göra, to name a few, are among the most common words used in daily Swedish. Just as language learning is a balance of…

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COP26 Verbs and Nouns in Swedish Posted by on Nov 12, 2021

The multi-day United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, is about to wrap up. Political leaders, climate scientists, and activists came to Glasgow, Scotland to spark action, address shortcomings, and reach international agreements to curb climate change. This week, we’ll look at the 8sidor article Politikerna lovar förändring (The politicians promise change), and learn some important…

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Hotel Amigo by Thomas Stenström with First Aid Kit Posted by on Nov 5, 2021

We’re in Arizona, at the Spread Eagle Bar. Our company is no other than the Swedish musicians Thomas Stenström and First Aid Kit. They’ve invited us to share in a moment from their latest song, “Hotel Amigo”. It may seem strange that these artists with Nordic roots are taking us down the Americana route, but…

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ABBA’s Comeback and Swedish Pop Hits via Svensktoppen Posted by on Oct 8, 2021

ABBA’s comeback and sing-along pop hits penned in Swedish make this week’s Svensktoppen absolutely dreamy. Presented by Sveriges Radio, this top 10 chart show is the perfect way to learn what’s hot on the Swedish music scene right now and get some language practice in, too! And, the great news is that this week 8…

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A Swedish Take on Modern Timber Construction Posted by on Oct 1, 2021

As a bright-eyed college grad, I relocated to the southern Swedish city of Växjö, Sweden for an internship. Nestled between thick forests and glittering lakes, Växjö has earned the title of “Greenest City in Europe” for trailblazing a number of environmental initiatives, including their timber construction program. While working for Växjö kommun I gained perspective…

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