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Magdalena Andersson is Sweden’s First Woman Prime Minister Posted by on Dec 10, 2021 in Uncategorized

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In, then out, then in again! After a political rollercoaster that lasted nearly a week, it’s official: Magdalena Andersson is Sweden’s first woman to serve as prime minister. Why did she resign almost instantly after being selected to lead the government? This week’s post will clear that up.  I’ll introduce this topic in English and then we’ll read an 8sidor.se article to learn the Swedish you need to discuss this history in the making!

100 år rösträtt för kvinnor / 100 years since women earned voting rights 

Aside from Magdalena Andersson becoming statsminister (prime minister), 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the Swedish woman’s right to vote. But despite serving as a beacon of the jämställt samhälle (the egalitarian society), Sweden is the last nordiskt land (Nordic country) to have a kvinnlig (female) prime minister. Gro Harlem Bruntland was the first of the Nordics when she became prime minister of Norway in 1981. It’s noteworthy to mention that neighboring European leader Angela Merkel just stepped down after 16 years in office as the German head of state.

En kaotisk början / A chaotic beginning

The story starts with a little parliamentary drama when former statsminister Stefan Löfven received a no-confidence vote back in June. Löfven and Magdalena Andersson are both members of the Socialdemokraterna (the Social Democrats), still the dominating political party in Swedish riksdagen (parliament). After Löfven left office, riksdagen godkände (the parliament approved) Magdalena Andersson as the new statsminister on Wednesday, November 22. But swiftly, after a failed budget proposal that caused Miljöpartiet (Green Party) to leave the coalition, Andersson blev tvungen att sluta (was forced to resign), a customary move for the PM when this happens.

Less than a week later, on Monday, November 27th, she was voted in again, this time with a government led by her own party. Magdalena was Sweden’s sitting finansminister (Minster of Finance) and has now selected her replacement, as well as the new ministrar (minister) to lead hennes regering (her government). At this time, because the coalition between Socialdemokraterna and Miljöpartiet was broken, this social democratic government is considered to be svag (weak), and will depend on support from other minority parties to pass legislation going forward.

Andersson är vald igen / Andersson is chosen again

Now for a little reading! This 8sidor article was written on November 29, after Andersson was re-appointed. 

Magdalena Andersson är vald till Sveriges statsminister. Det bestämde riksdagen på måndagen. Förra veckan blev hon också vald. Men då blev hon tvungen att sluta.

Det berodde på att Miljöpartiet sa att de inte ville vara med i hennes regering. Den här gången kommer troligen ingen att stoppa henne. Då blir hon Sveriges första kvinna som blir statsminister.

– Det är en historisk dag. Att en kvinna kan få det viktigaste politiska jobbet är stort. Det betyder mycket för många flickor och kvinnor, sa Centerpartiets ledare Annie Lööf.

Tillsammans med Socialdemokraterna hjälpte Centerpartiet, Miljöpartiet och Vänsterpartiet Magdalena Andersson att bli statsminister.

På tisdagen ska Magdalena Andersson berätta vilka politiker som blir ministrar i hennes regering.

Det blir bara socialdemokrater. Senare ska hon ha ett möte med kungen. Då blir det klart att hon blir statsminister.

Moderaterna, Kristdemokraterna, Sverigedemokraterna och Liberalerna röstade nej till Magdalena Andersson.

–  Det här blir en svag regering. Den kan inte göra något utan hjälp av andra partier,
sa Moderaternas ledare Ulf Kristersson i riksdagen.



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