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Swedish Expressions of Time – Round två! Posted by on Feb 19, 2021

Are you ready for Swedish Expressions of Time – Round två?! In last week’s post, I gave you three tips to build a solid foundation with Swedish tidsuttryck. To build on this for today, we’ll cover additional present tense expressions, and examine the way Swedish prepositions i and på accompany expressions of time throughout the…

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Building Particle Verbs with Gå Posted by on Dec 11, 2020

Verbs start out as just one word like in the example “Speak.” But when they add a particle “Speak” + “up” = “Speak up” the meaning changes completely. The short words that help transform regular old verbs into particle verbs, or phrasal verbs, are common prepositions or adverbs – so you’ll recognize them! Words like…

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Music meets Reality TV with Så mycket bättre 2020! Posted by on Nov 6, 2020

Så mycket bättre / So much better a popular music meets reality television show by Swedish network TV4. The 11th season is currently airing and it’s all the gossip in the music and entertainment world. If you like the diversity that Swedish music has to offer and enjoy a good cover song, this is the…

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Swedish Idioms Round Two, Go to Hekla and Fox Sleep Posted by on Oct 29, 2020

Last week, I wrote about some common idioms that you’re bound to hear in every day Swedish. In doing research for that post, I discovered some rather obscure ones too. I’ll share some of those in this post as well as share the origin stories behind a couple of classic idioms. Nu kör vi! Let’s…

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Let’s Vote! Election Vocabulary på svenska Posted by on Oct 16, 2020

‘Tis the Season…for holiday Cheer? No, not quite. Why it’s the season for the American Election of course. Whether you’re “celebrating” or not, we are inundated with the latest polling numbers, debates, headlines, etc. The American Election, especially with a presidential race on the ballot, is covered in world news quite closely, especially in Sweden…

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Swedish Autumn Vocab with Elsa Beskow’s Höstvisa Posted by on Oct 9, 2020

“Det glimmar i guld och klaraste rött / It’s glimmering of yellow and the clearest röd.” It feels as if I’ve landed in Elsa Beskow’s version of autumn as it is in her poem Höstvisa. In Minnesota, the trees are almost glowing with reds, yellows, and oranges, and the light it casts it reminiscent of…

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Transforming Words with Swedish Suffix -het Posted by on Sep 24, 2020

Ärlighet, öppenhet, verklighet… Honesty, openness, reality. These dynamic words are made possible by the Swedish suffix -het. Its English equivalents are -ty, -ity, and -ness, making it a noun-forming suffix. The three-letter addition of -het transforms simple adjectives into big-concept nouns. Words ending in -het are excellent additions to your intermediate and advanced vocabulary…

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