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Swedish Language Learning Humor Posted by on Jan 12, 2012

There comes a point in every language learner’s studies that the language is just frustrating. Swedish is no different. For some, that frustration sets in early. As early as learning you first few nouns even. En or ett? I just have to know it? There is no set rule? Nope. You just have to know…

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Swedish Stereotypes. Again. Posted by on Sep 30, 2011

A while back we wrote about Swedish stereotypes on the blog. Everything from the stereotypical reserved nature of the Swedes to the perceived sexiness of the Swedish population.  We received a lot of great comments on the post, Swedish Stereotypes, as well as on the Facebook page. One thing that was mentioned a few times…

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Swedish Humor (The Angry Law Show on P3) Win two tickets! Posted by on Feb 16, 2011

What do you do if you need to do a poo in Sweden? Well, this is nothing really what we research here on the Swedish Blog. I am so sorry guys! For finding toilet facilities in Sweden; the easiest way is to brush up your Swedish or English before coming here. But talking about poo….My and Linnea…

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