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The Facebook changes Posted by on Sep 22, 2011 in Culture, Swedish Language

As all Facebook-user would be well aware of by now, the page went through a complete and sudden make over yesterday. That said, a make over tend to be for the better and the world of Facebook users don’t seem to agree on this one.  The debate kicked off immediately and the judgements were harsh. Here are a fine selection from our Swedish-page – and a few great examples on true non-textbook Swedish:

Det suger! (It sucks)
Skitdåligt!!! (Crap bad a.i Very bad)
det suger jättemycket!!!!!!! (It sucks bigtime)
Hästskit (Horse shit)
jag gillar inte det :/ (I don’t like it)
Skit! (Crap)
Fjantigt (Silly)
man fattar ju inget (You don’t get it)
f*n det är så dåligt ! gillar inte 🙁 (F** this is bad. Don’t like)
komocka ! (Cow shit)

Some were a bit more understanding:
man måste typ vänja sig (You have to get used to it)
det duger (it’s good enough)

And a few were quite positive – and I take it you know these ones by now:
Mycket bra

I personally can’t see the point at all. Has it improved? No. Is it easier to navigate? Nope. Is it nicer to look at? Nah. I’m normally in favour of changes, but not just for the sake of it… Or? Rumour has it that more changes are coming and that there’s no coincidence that this happened the same week  Google+ became available for everyone. But has it backfired and is this  perhaps a reason to go Google + instead of Facebook?

Come on, give us your opinion on new – and improved? – Facebook. Hiss eller diss?

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  1. Natasza:

    I just find it funny how internet community gets annoyed at every change introduced to something they’re used to and then when something doesn’t change, they leave it because they find it boring.