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Vote for Sweden’s new national costume! Posted by on May 25, 2010 in Culture

Remember Folkdräkt 2.0? The 25 – one for each Swedish province – brand new and meticulously designed costumes are now ready and up for display! Have your say and vote for your favourite here!

Foto: Karin Granstrand/Småland

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  1. Betty:

    Ok Really? Some of those were just awful and I hope, jokes. But more seriously, a national costume should be(IMO) traditional and reflect the history of the country.. I didn’t see anything that even remotely looks like a historical representation of Sweden. I have seen, up close and personal) traditional costumes of Sweden and they are beautiful, colorful and meticulously crafted.. No cellophane wrapped around your legs..

  2. jennie:

    Agreed, there are some… what shall we say interesting creations in there! But some are IMO absolutely beuatiful and something I could acctualy considering wearing! The contest it’s an attempt to re-invent and popularise the swedish folkdräkt. It will not replace the old traditional ones, it is just a fun way of putting an almost forgotten piece of clothing in the spotlight again…

  3. Nancy:

    All the outfits are terrible, they do not represent Sweden at all. I think Sweden should stick with the original outfits from yesteryear!