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Inspired by Tibor’s book-post from yesterday, I figured it is definitely time for another book competition! This time, the fabulous price is the most popular and bestselling book in Sweden at the moment, Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann. (Something along the lines of: The hundred year old man who walked out through the window and disappeared). It’s an amazing Forrest Gump-like adventure about 100 year old Allan Karlsson, who decides to escape from his own birthday party and with 50 kronor in his pocket and slippers on his feet, he begins an amazing journey…

I have just read this book myself and boy what a story! I highly recommend it and I’m more than happy to send it anywhere in the world, it deserves to travel! So, in order to get your hands on this little diamond, all you need to do is to leave a comment along with your email address (for my eyes only) in the comment field. I will pick and announce a winner on the 11th of February. The jury consists of me and me only and you might be able to bribe me with sweet talk, fun blog post suggestions, your Swedish stories, book recommendations…  Good luck and happy reading always!

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  1. tina:

    hey, there, I would be really glad to win this prize … it’s really hard to get Swedish books around here. 😉

  2. Anna:

    Jag vill ha den här boken xD

  3. Callum Lawrence:

    I recommend 1984. In any language. It’s a brilliant book

  4. Kajsa Hellgren:

    Thank you for the opportunity. Would be great to have!

  5. Jo:

    I would really love to read this book!
    Jag läser svenska i kvällskurs och jag tycker om Sverige.
    I’m an author too (childrensbooks) and my greatest example is Astrid Lindgren.
    So I hope you choose me!

  6. Lukas:

    Jag har blivit lockad när jag läste att boken liknar Forrest Gump:)

  7. Jenna Hodgins:

    That sounds like a fascinating story! I would love to try to sharpen my skills by reading it! I was an exchange student in Sweden during the 1990-91 school year and although Swedes whom I meet occasionally seem impressed at the amount of Swedish I have retained over the past 20 years, I know that my Swedish is no where near where I want it to be. I am going back for a 10 day visit in Sweden this summer (first time since living there in 1991) and I really need to immerse myself in reading Swedish books so that I can converse in decent Swedish when I arrive. If I win this book, I promise to try to read a few pages every night in an effort to improve my Swedish before the big trip in July!

  8. Quim:

    I don’t want to disrespect jennie or anything but we need a few more opinions on the book to see whether it’s good or not so sleflessly I’m willing to read and evaluate the book :P.

  9. Agnes:

    what could be a better way for a Swedish and book loving girl like me who hasn’t had a chance to read in Swedish yet than to begin her amazing journey through swedish literature by reading Hundraåringen…

  10. Zu:

    My boyfriend is Swedish but unfortunatelly we cannot live together in Sweden in the following 5 months. During this time of separation I want to improve my Swedish and learn as much as possible about Swedish culture. I think the book could help me a lot with that! :)))

  11. Shayna:

    What a great idea. I love blogs that give away cool things.

    I guess I don’t really have anything interesting or persuasive to say. I’ve loved Swedish for a long time, and your blog is definitely helping me along. In fact, it even led me to learn Små Grodorna (it’s so dang addicting!). 🙂

    I’m also getting my Swedish “fill” in a class I’m taking in college this semester; it’s a “topics in literature” class with a focus on Criminal Utopias, specifically Scandinavian books with those themes. It’s really interesting, although I admit that I wish I could be reading the original versions of the Swedish books, not translations. I actually looked up bits of “Aniara” in Swedish. Poetry never sounds as good translated.

    Anyways, I guess my final thought here is this: Thank you for this blog. It’s made of awesome, happiness, and a touch of laugh. 🙂

  12. Eduardo:

    Here in Brazil it’s almost impossible to find any book in Swedish at all. Takk så mycket for the initiative!

  13. Mande:

    I would like to win this book because my boyfriend is Swedish. He is a sailor and has been working away from home for almost 4 months. He’s due back on 11th Feb and we are going to have our belated Christmas, so it would be really nice to give him a Swedish book as part of his Christmas Box. It would be very special and mean a lot to him, and I would score massive girlfriend points too 🙂

  14. Madeline:

    Oh.. that book sounds amazing! I’ve never read a Swedish book before.. but I would love to try it! And the story sounds so exciting!

    So yes.. I would like to win the book! 🙂

  15. Shari:

    Jag är gift med en svensk (nästan 15 år) och det är jätteroligt för mig att läsa den här bloggen.

    Jag längtar efter bra böcker på svenska — kan vara svart att hitta här i Oregon och mina svärföräldrar kan inte skicka dem till mig tillräckligt ofta. 🙂

  16. Christina Pearce:

    Hej Jennie!
    The old saying goes “never judge a book by its cover”…. baaaaah this cover looks great and so I am guessing it would be a fun read! I have just started reading my very first pocket book for my “Svenska som andra språk A” but it hasn’t really grabbed my attention. Maybe I am in need of a different story for some inspiration and language learning out here in snowy Jämtland!
    Ha det så trevligt, Christina

  17. Nikki:

    Oh wow how awesome, definitely gotta leave a comment on this. It sounds a really interesting book, and a bit of a change from the crime novels that have been dominating our charts over here (UK) for so very long!

    When I was in Stockholm in December I bought a book in Swedish but I haven’t yet got around to picking it up… it looks very intimidating haha!

    Something I find bizarre about your books is how almost all of them are hardback! I wanted to buy Harry Potter but it was like 200 kr so I quickly forgot that idea haha.

  18. Kristina:

    Jag är absolut kär i svensk litteratur och kultur!Jag pluggar svenska på universitet i Ryssland och vill gärna läsa den här boken för att vi inte har så många av bra svenska böcker,tyvärr och den boken låter ganska intressant!Hoppas att vinna den 🙂

    Böcker jag skulle rekomendera är samlade dikter av Gunnar Ekelöf,Karin Boye,Harry Martinsson (boken “Aniara” är också sjuktbra) ,Pär Lagerkvist osv.Jag tror att dikter av skandinaviska författare är absolut mästerverk!<3

  19. Diane McElwain:

    Is it also in English? I am Swedish but do not speak Swedish.

  20. Kat:

    Another book giveaway! I love this blog!

    This book sounds like it’s made for me. A Forrest Gump-style tale and I coincidentally live very near the author of FG, Winston Groom. Like virtually everyone else on this blog, it’s impossible to find Swedish books where I live. This would be such a treat!

  21. Jonas Jonasson:

    Himla trevligt initiativ. Himla, himla trevligt. Om du vill ha boken signerad innan du skickar ut den i världen så vet jag en som skulle vara stolt över att få hjälpa till. Jag, till exempel :-).

  22. Christian:

    Jag bara studerar svenska. Att läsa böcker på svenska skulle hjälpa mig så mycket! Jag älskar språk, och särskilt det svenska språket!

  23. Allison Oaks:

    Hej! I would love to win this book is sounds fascinating! I need some good reading on the plane when I fly to Sweden in April. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  24. eleni:

    i don’t speak swedish well and i don’t read swedish books at all,but this is a good start 😉

  25. Shannon:

    I love this blog. An idea for a post could be one on Edith Södergren or other swedish poets and artists, then everyone can enjoy their work 😀 I think there is something particular to the “nordic sentiment” which artists like Södergren, Bergman and Larsson captured so wonderfully.

  26. Kathrin:

    So fantastiskt. It would be great to win this book so I can improve my swedish.

  27. Adonis:

    I really love Swedish crime fiction and read all the Mankell books as well as Stieg Larsson’s and Sjowall and Wahloo’s.

    Getting this book will mean so much and it will give me a better understanding of Swedish literature outside that world of crime fiction.

  28. Fadi:

    If I win this book it would be the first non-children’s Swedish book I attempt to read: Major milestone !
    Pick me ! 😀

  29. Judy:

    If it could help me win this book, my 50th birthday (a milestone!) is February 11th, the day you are ending the competition! 😀

  30. Michael-James:

    Oh my goodness this post comes curiously at the most coincidental time for me! Just this past week two of my friends and myself have decided to begin planning a transfer to Uppsala University and live there for at least a year or so, and to prepare for the move, I’ve begun to learn Swedish and my goal is to arrive at a decent novel-appreciating level in a few months.

    So, I was looking into buying a recent Swedish-authored book to have and work up to, something tangible to strive towards, and I kid you not, just today I was looking around online Swedish book stores and I kept being drawn to this book, and now I notice this Swedish blog post and I literally got shivers at this remarkable coincidence!

    I love the idea of really getting into a culture and its people through its contemporary literature, and “Hundraåringen” sounds like a very enticingly unique read.

    Also, my birthday is Feb. 3rd, and the dreary Canadian winter here is the prime time to really get lost in a great story! 😀

  31. Anna:

    oh and btw, I forgot to mention, I recommend “En komikers uppväxt” to anyone who wants to read a good book. Too bad I’ve read it in my native language (Georgian), it muse be way too awesome in original.

  32. patrice:

    Du, Jennie, är bra och vacker! Kan du bli snäll och ge mig den boken? Tack! 🙂

  33. eric:

    I would love to read the most popular book in Sweden at the moment. I have never read a Swedish book and this would be the first! Also, hard to find books around here in California unless I go to IKEA and read the random Swedish books on the bookshelves and sit on their furniture and drink their coffee in the dining area.

  34. Carol Goller:

    This book sounds like fun. I think I would enjoy it very much and would put it in our Los Angeles Swedish library for other people to enjoy. The Steig Larsson books are still circulating madly but it must be time for a new popular book.

  35. Steph Steele:

    I wanted to get some Swedish language books to help motivate me to read Swedish on a regular basis, but I didn’t know where to start! The book title translation made me giggle and that’s always a good starting point for a new read. When I was in Sweden last year, all the books in the hostels were dubious old bird watching books and the like, not quite the adventure story of the book in question. That’s more up my street! Perhaps it would be a good book to leave in a hostel once read so that it would actually stand out against the old ones, and go to a new home. I may write a story about that…

  36. Maria Kozhevnikova:

    Jag läser Karlsson just nu. Jag tycker mycket om att övar min svenska så trotts att jag talar svenska inte så bra!
    I prefer reading books in orginal, cause I am sure its the only way to “feel” the author 😉

  37. Bilitis:

    Sjung hopp faderallan lallan lej!!!

  38. Shannon:

    Och den som inte halvan tar, han heller inte helan får. Helan går!

  39. Riina Björkdahl:

    I would LOVE to have it… will help me soooo much through my studying swedish…..and my husband will love it, I know! 🙂


  40. Sue Nordin:

    I would love to try to read this book! Mostly thus far I have only read Pettson and Findus books, so it would be a leap forward. Thanks for doing this….it’s fun!

  41. Sue Nordin:

    How fun that you are doing this! I would love to give it a try, as the only Swedish books I have read thus far are for children (Pettson and Findus, and others). It would be a leap forward, and a good challenge.

  42. Shamim Ara Begum:

    Det finns ingen vän som en bok!!! 😀

  43. eni:

    I started learning Swedish somewhat accidentally four months ago (although I wanted to do it for years and years before). The way I’m learning would probably be slated by all respectable teachers if they ever found out: it started off as inserting an odd Swedish word here and there (we started with personal pronouns) into letters and now I conduct a full-on Swedish-English correspondence with someone half a world away who is also learning… Our letters would look hilarious to native speakers, but you know what? It works! In four months I’ve learnt more than I have in years on formal courses with other languages! I can certainly read (not overly complicated) written texts and understand them a lot of the time. It’s been a lot of fun and we get to practice daily without actually having to do “proper learning”. I know lots of what we write is cringeworthy and completely incorrect but slowly we’re getting to using “proper Swedish” too.

    I don’t mind too much about winning the book – it’s probably a bit early for me to be able to read it anyway. But if you have any recommendations of simple books in Swedish or if you know where on earth I could buy Moomins in the original (I’m in the UK and haven’t managed to find a single copy on the web so far) – please let me know!

  44. KMH:

    det låter fantastik! Skål!

  45. Karolina - svensk tjej i Kalifornien:

    Hej på er! Upptäckte just er blogg av misstag. Har ni någon svensk som hjälper er med språkfrågor? Kul att ni vill lära er!

  46. Phil:

    welp, I’m not going to bullshit you, men jag vill jätte gärna läsa den boken.

  47. Johann:

    I’d love to have a Swedish book to continue practising my reading! Let’s see how it goes!

  48. Luke (Sydney):

    That’s exactly what I have been thinking about! But I can’t wait until 100, 50 more likely, which is now. So could you forward me the book ASAP please? Ta. 😉

  49. Erik Leidzen Burro:

    Count me in, in the running for the book.
    I must say that the story descriptor sounds absolutely delightful.
    I couldn’t help thinking what a delightful setup
    The story outline would be for a light comedy film. Through the actions of both young and old,
    We often see and become aware of many things we most frequently take for granted.
    My imagination as to what settings and events this centinarian finds himself in, has wild and crazy possibilities. It would be a delight to see what Jonas Jonasson has come up with.
    Tak som mykett. ERIK

  50. Arsh:

    This blog is priceless for Svenskaphiles! I would love to write a book in Swedish about a topic that is my hobby and so close to my heartfelt love of Sweden. If I am fortunate to win this book, it will help me with Swedish writing style and form.
    Tack sa hemskt mycket.

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