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Archive for September, 2010

The Thai Legal System, part 3 of 3 Posted by on Sep 25, 2010

Yeap, you guessed right, there are yet more words for you to learn. This time I’ll list words for what happens at the end of a court sentence. vocabulary (คำศัพท์): คำตัดสินใจ                         decision made by the court; legal determination ไม่มีความผิด                      not guilty มีความผิด      …

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The Thai Legal System, part 2 of 3 Posted by on Sep 21, 2010

Part 1 covers vocabulary you’d expect to use before you end up in a courtroom. Now that you’ve been arrested and you failed to pay a proper bribe, it’s time to be judged without a jury. You will not have access to any incriminating evidence or witnesses until court is in session. And if your…

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The Thai Legal System, part 1 of 3 Posted by on Sep 17, 2010

I think its time to have at least one really difficult blog post. I’m sure by now someone Thai has asked you a legal question, and you felt entirely inept at not knowing a single legal term in Thai. Well, I’m hear to list it all out in an easily memorizable list. Before anything even…

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Going Home Posted by on Sep 14, 2010

Not too long ago I finished my most recent 6-month vacation here and Thailand, returning home (กลับบ้าน) to my beloved US of A. It’s not the first time I’ve spent such a long time here in the Land of Smiles, but I think this time I’ll miss it (คิดถึง) more than ever. So this post…

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Useful Thai for the Pharmacy Posted by on Sep 11, 2010

Most pharmacists in Thailand speak enough English that you’ll never need to learn any Thai to get what you want. If they don’t understand, try saying what you want using ทัพศัพท์, intentionally mispronouncing the medicine name with a strong Thai accent. Or just print this out for them to read it. Anyway, if you wanted…

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