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Stuff in My Room Posted by on Apr 28, 2012

The best vocabulary to start off with is words that are very commonly used – meaning they are very important giving you a lot of immediate practice. The most commonly used nouns are things you typically find around you, such as in your room or home or office.

Computer Terminology in Thai, Intermediate Level Posted by on Apr 25, 2012

Learn intermediate computer terminology in Thai.

Computer Terminology in Thai, for Beginners Posted by on Apr 23, 2012

Learn basic computer terminology in Thai.

Thai Word Match Posted by on Apr 16, 2012

Below is a list of very common Thai words that any beginner should know. On the right are the Thai equivalents, written in Thai, but mixed up. Print this out, then draw a line from the English word on the left to match it with the Thai word on the right.

The Special Aw-Ang Letter Posted by on Apr 10, 2012

The most common Thai letter, อ (pronounced aw-ang), is a special character. Remember when you were a kid and you learned that the english vowels are ‘a e i o u . . . and sometimes y’? Well, อ is somewhat like that for Thai. Sometimes it’s a vowel, but sometimes it isn’t. It can…

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