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Thai Motorcycle Vocabulary Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Beginner, Travel

I remember my first time on a motorcycle back in 2005. It was in Phuket, and my friend was driving me around. I had insisted on a helmet and asked to not go too fast (I’m clearly a wuss). A month later I ran into this farang on a bus that was telling me how cheap and easy it was to rent one myself. Why pay 200 baht for a single taxi ride, when I could have my own wheels for 200 baht/day? Riding around the Thai islands and countryside on two wheels quickly became addictive, and I have many good memories doing it.

Like, the time I had that accident, lol . . . or when I drove four people on it once . . . or when I couldn’t figure out the gear shift going uphill and almost rolled back down into some ginormous cows . . . or when I was about to run out of gas, and couldn’t remember how to ask ‘where is the gas station’ in Thai (it was a long time ago).

You can’t truly explore Thailand on your own without knowing some basic motorcycle related vocabulary, so I’ve compiled a bunch for you below:

English Karaoke Thai
motorcycle Maaw1sai1 มอไซค์
gas Nam4man1 น้ำมัน
out of gas Nam4man1 mod2 น้ำมันหมด
wheel Law4 ล้อ
Front wheel Law4 naa3 ล้อหน้า
Rear wheel Law4 lang5 ล้อหลัง
flat tire Yaang1 baeen1 ยางแบน
ride Kee2 ขี่
slip luen3 ลื่น
drive slow Kab2 chaa4 ขับช้า
drive fast Kab2 reyo1 ขับเร็ว
helmet Muak2 gan1 nawk4 หมวกกันน็อก
rent Chow3 เช่า
rent motorcycle Chow3 maaw1 sai1 เช่ามอไซค์
little bike Kan1 lek4 คันเล็ก
big bike Kan1 yai2 คันใหญ่
slippery road Ta2non5 luen3 ถนนลื่น
low gear Giya1 dtum2 เกียร์ต่ำ
high gear Giya1 suung5 เกียร์สูง
dog Maa5 หมา
hospital Pa4yaa1baan1 พยาบาล
engine Krueng3yon1 เครื่องยนต์
automatic Aaw2dto3 ออโต้
manual Giya1 gra2buk2 เกียร์กระปุก
battery Baet2 แบต
low battery Baet2 guab2 mod2 แบตเกือบหมด
light Fai1 ไฟ
light is out Fai1 dab2 ไฟดับ
kilometers per hour Gi2lo1 dtaw2 chuwa3 mong1 กิโลต่อชั่วโมง
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