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Think Too Much Posted by on Dec 7, 2010 in Beginner

I think that we all use the word ‘think’ quite often in English. Well, it’s also used in Thai quite a lot. In this post I’ll be going over the different words for ‘think’, and list a few common phrases you’ll hear it used in.

คิด – think

คิดว่า – think that

คิดถึง – to miss (romantically), or think about (non-romantically)

คิดฮอด – Isaan dialect for คิดถึง

คิดก่อน – think first

คิดดู – imagine

คิดอะไรอยู่? – What are you thinking?

ความคิด – thoughts

นึก – think (informal)

นึกออกมั้ย? – Can you think of it? (or) Do you know what I’m saying?

อย่าคิดมาก – Don’t think so much about it. (ie don’t worry so much)

พี่ว่าอะไร? – What do you think?

ผมว่าแล้ว – I figured it out already.

It’s common that if the word ว่า comes after คิด to just leave out the word คิด, as in some of the above examples and this below example:

I think I don’t want to go – ผมว่าไม่อยากไปเลย


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