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Top 10 Thai Movies, part 3 Posted by on Jun 27, 2011 in Culture, History

6. Beautiful Boxer
Based on a true story, this award winning film is about a famous Thai boxer who is as they say, ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’. The plot is definitely good, and it will help you understand more about the lady-boy culture of Thailand, and also give you an inside look at muay-Thai culture as well. The trailer won’t spoil the film, it’s ok to watch it this time.

7. Bang Rajan
Bang Rajan is a historical action film. In the US, equivalent films would be Gettysburg, or The Alamo, so if you liked those films you’ll like Bang Rajan. The story is historically important for Thailand, so it’s an event you should know about. As it’s a period film, it’ll give you a taste of the clothing and hair styles of the time, along with old-Thai language vocabulary and old Siamese warring methods. Keep in mind as you watch it that this is the Thai version of events, and that it’s meant as a patriotic film. There is a famous statue today in Thailand to remember what happened, do you know which one?

8. Buppha Ratree
This is another Thai ghost story – Thais love their ghost stories I’m tellin ya! Again, I’m not the biggest fan of ghost movies, but for Thais this was a top film so I recommend watching it. Keep in mind that in Thai culture, men are assumed to be players that sleep around, and women are always overly jealous and controlling of their men. This is what happens when you throw a ghost into the mix.

9. Citizen Dog หมานคร
What makes a good film is to look deep into a society’s consciousness, and take out those hidden yet insightful thoughts into the light for all to see in an easy to understand manner. This film does just that, although as a farang much of it might not make sense to you. Watch it with a Thai and have them explain the significance of things that happen, and it’ll be a great insight into ‘Thai-ness’. By far, this is the best Thai comedy I’ve seen, and I’ve seen it quite a few times. It can occasionally be a little weird, and hilarious at others, but otherwise an uplifting enjoyable film.

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