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Vocabulary for the Thai Family Posted by on Aug 13, 2011 in Beginner, Culture

Vocabulary for the Thai family is a bit more complicated than it is in the western family. The additional complications come from knowing who is older and who is younger, and know of which side of the family (mother’s/father’s side) everyone is on.  Also note that it’s common to call unrelated people Aunt and Uncle in certain situations. I’ve drawn up a chart at the end to help you visualize the connections.


Father พ่อ paw3

Mother แม่ mae3

Parents พ่อแม่ paw3 mae3

Husband สามี saa5 mee1

Wife ภรรยา pan1 ra1 yaa1

Husband (informal) ผัว puwa1

Wife (informal) เมีย mia1


Child ลูก luuk3

Son ลูกชาย luuk3 chai1

Daughter ลูกสาว luuk3 sao5

Sister (older) พี่สาว pee3 sao5

Brother (older) พี่ชาย pee3 chai1

Sister (younger) น้องสาว nong4 sao5

Brother (younger) น้องชาย nong4 chai1

Siblings พี่น้อง pee3 nong4

Cousin ลูกพี่ลูกน้อง luuk3 pee3 luuk3 nong4


Grandfather (father’s side) ปู่ buu2

Grandmother (father’s side) ย่า yaa3

Grandfather (mother’s side) ตา dtaa1

Grandmother (mother’s side) ยาย yai1


Fathers younger siblings อา aa1

Mothers younger siblings น้า naa4

Aunt (older sister of parents) ป้า bpaa3

Uncle (older brother of parents) ลุง lung1

Relative by marriage to your brother/sister *สะใภ้ sa1 pai4  (see chart)

My favorite is ‘pee sa pai’ because it always reminds me of ‘pizza pie’ . . . yum!

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