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English-Borrowed Words in Vietnamese Language Posted by on Jul 27, 2021

Just like any other language, Vietnamese vocabulary includes many borrowed words from different countries that have influenced Vietnamese culture throughout its history. The majority of the borrowed words are from Chinese, French, and English. It’s easy to understand why there are so many Chinese, French, and English borrowed words in the Vietnamese vocabulary. Looking at…

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The Dog Says Woof! Woof! Posted by on Jul 19, 2021

Last week, I wrote a blog about cats. It’s not fair for dog lovers if I don’t give equal attention to dogs. Thus, this post is dedicated to the word “dog”. Like cats, dogs also are one of the twelve animals of the Vietnamese zodiac. DOG WORDS Con chó (The dog) Gâu gâu! (Woof woof!) Giống…

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The Cat Says Meow! Posted by on Jul 12, 2021

Meow! This post is dedicated to the word “cat”. It’s all about “cat” in the Vietnamese culture, language, belief, and its metaphoric use. Whether you are a cat lover or not, you may find that cats play a significant role in our human history, dating back thousands of years. In Vietnamese culture, the cat is one…

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Summertime Posted by on Jul 5, 2021

Father’s Day is usually marked as the start of Summer in the United States. However, the celebration of July 4th, Independence Day, is the real kick off for all summer activities. The end of summertime is usually marked by the celebration of Labor Day in early September. Officially, the summer of 2021 started on June…

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