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Does Vietnam Celebrate Halloween? Posted by on Oct 25, 2021

Influenced by văn hóa Tây phương (Western culture), the Vietnamese are starting to get more familiar with major western “commercial” holidays, including Halloween. Thus, in recent years, the lễ hội (festival) Halloween has become more popular in major metropolitan and tourist areas, especially among young people. People pour onto certain designated streets or entertainment venues…

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Popular Vietnamese Autumn Songs Posted by on Oct 18, 2021

Listening to music and looking out a window, I saw a yellow storm in front of my eyes. A strong wind caused all the leaves that had changed their colors to detach from their branches, ascend into the air, and with gravity, descend to the ground. It was a breath-taking scene. There is something about…

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Welcome Fall! Posted by on Oct 11, 2021

Chào thu (Welcome fall)! Mùa thu (Autumn/Fall season) is a beautiful season. Its beauty has inspired many artists and writers to create many masterworks depicting this season. Common conversation topics in mùa thu are completely different than other seasons. These are the things you often hear and discussed at least once in this season. Sự…

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Names of Vietnam Throughout the History Posted by on Oct 4, 2021

Many quốc gia (country) have their quốc hiệu (name) changed throughout their courses of history due to various reasons. Vietnam is not an exception. Indeed, officially and unofficially, she has been known by more than a dozen names in its history. Each triều đại (dynasty) may want to change its quốc hiệu. Do I know…

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