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En Voiture Posted by on Aug 17, 2017

Summer can mean lots of wonderful things, including spending time at the beach, barbecuing with friends and family, and trips to new and exciting locales. This means traveling, which means…you might be spending a lot more time in your car.   In French, the word for car is voiture. The word voiture is feminine, so it is la voiture. The verb…

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French Music From Colombia: Monsieur Periné Posted by on Aug 16, 2017

La langue française can be heard around the world with la Francophonie extending to les quartes coins du monde (the four corners of the world). This allows for some unique music that comes from les pays francophones (French speaking countries) outside of France: Jacques Brel, Stromae, Bernard Adamus, and Chantal Archambault to name a few.…

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A modern family Posted by on Aug 15, 2017

In just a few days, I’ll be leaving for a family vacation in France. We’re going to visit Paris then head to la Bretagne (the Brittany region) where we will celebrate le mariage (the wedding) of my . . . well, it’s complicated! Un peu d’histoire* / A little background When I was 16, I…

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Can You Pronounce These 10 Difficult French Words? Posted by on Aug 13, 2017

Do you follow our French page on Facebook? If not, you’re missing out on fun articles and pictures, updates about our blog, and our word of the day posts! >>>Click here to visit our Facebook page<<< Last week, we shared a photo from another page listing the 10 hardest French words to pronounce. “Hardest” can…

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Invested In Vêtements – Summer Clothing In French Posted by on Aug 9, 2017

Now that it’s Août, le temps (the weather) is getting cooler, but la chaleur d’été (the summer heat) can still be felt en France. Making it through la canicule means more than  making sure you have un parapluie (an umbrella), en fait (in fact) I have un placard (a closet) full of les vêtements d’été…

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