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3 Romantic Bollywood Films Hindi Lovers Can’t Miss Posted by on Sep 26, 2016

Image by pupilinblow on Flickr

This week, we’ll talk about some famous Bollywood films that feature love in major ways so we can learn how to express this vital emotion in Hindi! Umrao Jaan (1981) उमराव जान This classic film stars the bombshell Rekha or रेखा (yes, she’s one of those actresses who only needs one name to go by).…

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Get Your Hindi On Posted by on Sep 21, 2016

Person saying namaste.

An Introduction, and Your First Conversation “Are you Hindi?” “Do you speak Hindu?” Newly emigrated Indians have often reported fielding these questions from flummoxed Westerners. After all, it’s not hard to confuse the similar-sounding names for the language, Hindi, and the religion, Hindu. In recent times, however, Hindi has been immensely popularized through India’s bustling…

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Conquering Hindi through Bollywood Music Posted by on Sep 19, 2016

Musicians performing during Holi, a Spring festival.

This week, we’ll discuss a song from a movie mentioned in last week’s blog: Lagaan (in English: “tax” or “rent”). Listening to music in the target language is a fun and easy way to learn new words and phrases and will help you remember them longer. An added benefit of discussing this particular song (and all…

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Learning Hindi through a Dangerously Addictive Show Posted by on Sep 12, 2016

This 2001 film stars Aamir Khan (आमिर ख़ान), one of the most celebrated actors in Bollywood.

नमस्ते सब लोग (Greetings, everyone)! मेरा नाम रेचल है (My name is Rachael). आजकल (these days), I’m a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, and I study modern Hindi-Urdu and Bengali literature. I became enamored with Hindi and Indian culture when I was 13 through watching Hindi films. Of course, I watched plenty…

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Poem in Hindi – Jahil Mere Bane Posted by on Jul 31, 2016

A farmer ploughing his farm with cattle (Picture via Wikipedia by ILRI under CC)

Let me translate a nice Hindi poem for you. Hindi poems offers great variety of composition and grammatical structure. So it will be a great way to learn Hindi through reading comprehension of Hindi poems. In this poem, the poet is describing what a farmers think about themselves and how do they compare themselves with…

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