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More on Apparel Posted by on Apr 20, 2017

Image by David Baxendale on Flickr.com

In the last post, we learned about different kinds of clothes or outfits worn by men in India. Note that it was only a brief list at best. If you had the time to travel the length and breadth of India, and visit small and large towns in the different states, you would find that there…

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Apparel Posted by on Apr 7, 2017

Image by Aviva West on Flickr.com

Kurta-pyjama , salwar kameez , churidar-kurta , saari-blouse (choli), lungi-dhoti , … these are all the same right? Not quite. Western vocabulary has limited terms for the nuanced apparel sported by the broad spectrum of Indian men and women. Most of the above-mentioned outfits would be described in English as tunic, blouse, tights, etc. However…

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Things around the Kitchen Posted by on Mar 29, 2017

Photo by: Nitya Ramanan

It’s spring season  (vasant rutu) and I’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen (rasoi ghar), trying out recipes with fresh produce from the farmer’s market. This set me thinking about the variety of tools (yuntra) and utensils (bur-tan) that one uses in the kitchen, and brought me to my next blog topic: things around the…

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Learning a New Language Posted by on Mar 22, 2017

Match columns A and B

When I learn a new language, I am great at mastering grammar. Written and reading proficiency in a language comes easily to me. However I get tongue-tied and start scrambling for vocabulary when it’s time to speak. There is plenty of research out there that will point you to various approaches to learning a new…

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Happy Birthday! Posted by on Mar 12, 2017

जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएँ. Happy Birthday! Every time I hear of someone turning a year older, I can’t help, but recall this evergreen melody. Although the mood of the song is light and cheerful, it also laments the dreary nature of adulthood. ” हम भी अगर बच्चे होते नाम हमारा होता गबलू बबलू, खाने को मिलते…

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