Raam or Rama

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Today, let me show you some common mistakes that a beginner could make. I am sure that you might have came across such word, so let me decipher them for you.

1. Usage “a” at the end of the word

In English, many people tend to use “a” during the romanization.

For example, the word राम. If you romanize this word, most probably you would romanize it to Rama. If I romanize it back to Devanagari script, it may look like रमा. Moreover, you will pronounce “a” at the end which native does not pronounce.

So I suggest that if you don’t see any “ा” at the end, don’t pronounce the “a”.

2. Using special character “r” before or after the alphabet

If you see some Hindi word, like कार्य (Kaary – Work) many of you might be confused on whether to put “r” before or after the alphabet on which it is place.

Just remember, it is placed before the alphabet on which it is placed. So in the word, “कार्य” it will be “ry” and not “yr”

3. Using special character ँ or ं

The ँ or ं  are nasalized vowel in Devanagari scripts. Many people are confused if a word will have special character ँ or ं .

Let’s take an example, “five” in English is पांच (Pān̄ch) but many people could be seen writing it incorrectly as पाँच (Pāmcha). ँ is nasalized “m” and ं is nasalized “n”. To remember the difference, you can visualize the shape of crescent moon (with “m” in moon for nasalized “m”).

Future of Language Policy in India

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Recently, there has been a huge debate on the issue of languages in India. Present (वर्तमान – Vartmaan) government wants to make Sanskrit compulsory in the schools. Indian schools have many optional subjects which often include foreign languages and many of the school have already teaching foreign language such as French, German, Spanish etc to their students. Recently, the minister for human resource has reverted the decision to teach German as third language in the schools of Kendriya Vidhalaya Sangathan, the biggest society of government schools in India. The decision to teach German as third language (भाषा – Bhasha) was taken by the schools without notifying the government. The decision came on the fact that India has a three language formula which states that every citizen of India must be taught three languages.

These three languages are the mother-tongue of the person, Hindi and English. It was envisage by the great leaders of India, that after independence from the foreign rule (शासन – Shaasan), the nation will be united under one language. That language was Hindi. However, due to non-alignment of southern states on the subject of Hindi as a national language and because of them asking for time to switch over to Hindi, it was decided that the nation will adopt a three language formula (सूत्र – Sutr).

In the present case, many linguistic society filled petition against teaching German as the third language which violates Indian policy (नीति – Neeti) according to three language formula. Obviously, teaching German as a third language not only violates the policy but German does not have any linguistic linkage to India. The decision to replace German (जर्मन) with Sanskrit was welcomed by most Indians given that 90% Indian and many South Asian languages have their origin in Sanskrit (संस्कृत). However, this also resulted into problem for numerous students as the mid-term switch to the language have let to chaos and confusion (भ्रम – Bhram) to them. Many including Supreme Court of India wants that the government decision should be postponed for the present term. Now, many are waiting for the government (सरकार – Sarkar) decision which will clear the air from the future (भविष्य – Bhavishy) language policy of India.

Poem in Hindi – Aasha Ka Deepak

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Today, I will share a motivational poem in Hindi. The poet is giving the message that you should never give up.

Below is the poem in Devanagari fonts (Hindi) with the literal translation in English. I hope that you will try to comprehend the poem with the given explanation. So, here it is.

कविता (Kavita – Poem) : आशा का दीपक (Aasha Ka Deepak – A lamp of Hope)
कवि (Kavi – Poet) : रामधारी सिंह “दिनकर” (Ramdhari Singh Dinkar)

यह प्रदीप जो दीख रहा है झिलमिल दूर नहीं है
थक कर बैठ गये क्या भाई मन्जिल दूर नहीं है

This lamp which could be seen, twinkling, is not far away,
are you settled getting tired brother, the destination is not far away.

चिन्गारी बन गयी लहू की बून्द गिरी जो पग से
चमक रहे पीछे मुड देखो चरण-चिनह जगमग से
शुरू हुई आराध्य भूमि यह क्लांत नहीं रे राही;
और नहीं तो पाँव लगे हैं क्यों पड़ने डगमग से
बाकी होश तभी तक, जब तक जलता तूर नहीं है
थक कर बैठ गये क्या भाई मन्जिल दूर नहीं है

The drop of blood fell and became a spark as you walked by,
turn around and see your footsteps are now sparkling,
the lifeless ground has became lively again, it is not the end traveler,
and if not, then why the legs are shaking,
consciousness is only till the life is not finished,
are you settled getting tired brother, the destination is not far away.

अपनी हड्डी की मशाल से हृदय चीरते तम का,
सारी रात चले तुम दुख झेलते कुलिश निर्मम का।
एक खेप है शेष, किसी विध पार उसे कर जाओ;
वह देखो, उस पार चमकता है मन्दिर प्रियतम का।
आकर इतना पास फिरे, वह सच्चा शूर नहीं है;
थककर बैठ गये क्या भाई! मंज़िल दूर नहीं है।

by removing the darkness from the light torch of your bones,
you walked whole night by enduring the pain of the ruthless thunderbolt,
one aim is remaining, somehow get across it,
hey look, on the other side shines the temple of your beloved,
getting so near and then returning, is not the sign of brave,
are you settled getting tired brother, the destination is not far away.

दिशा दीप्त हो उठी प्राप्त कर पुण्य-प्रकाश तुम्हारा,
लिखा जा चुका अनल-अक्षरों में इतिहास तुम्हारा।
जिस मिट्टी ने लहू पिया, वह फूल खिलाएगी ही,
अम्बर पर घन बन छाएगा ही उच्छ्वास तुम्हारा।
और अधिक ले जाँच, देवता इतना क्रूर नहीं है।
थककर बैठ गये क्या भाई! मंज़िल दूर नहीं है।

the sight is incandescent by getting your holy light,
Your history has been written in golden letters,
the soil which has drunk your blood will surely blossom the flowers,
your breath will become a cloud in the sky,
take some more tests, God is not that cruel,
are you settled getting tired brother, the destination is not far away.