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Quel Mazzolin Di Fiori Posted by on Aug 21, 2017

Gathered around the old well in Ponticello, the local musician are singing Quel Mazzolin Di Fiori (That Little Bunch Of Flowers), a folk song that I loved as a child. Composed in the second half of the nineteenth century, Quel Mazzolin Di Fiori was to become one of the Alpini’s (Italian mountain troops) favourite songs…

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Nella Piazza Del Paese Posted by on Aug 17, 2017

Nell’antico borgo di Ponticello in Lunigiana il tempo si è fermato. Entriamo nella piazza del paese che brulica di attività intorno al vecchio pozzo. Time has stopped in the ancient hamlet of Ponticello in Lunigiana. We enter the village square which is buzzing with activity around the old well. Per prima cosa incontriamo il venditore…

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Aiuto! Posted by on Aug 15, 2017

You never know what problems you may encounter when travelling in Italy, so it’s best to carry a ‘tool kit’ of essential vocabulary that’ll help you get out of tricky situations. Aiuto! (help!) is a word that you’ll definitely need to know, although hopefully you’ll never find yourself in an emergency situation. Perhaps more useful…

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Robots Are About To Invade Pisa! Posted by on Aug 11, 2017

Every year, millions of visitors flock to Italy to immerse themselves in its epic history, art, architecture, culture and traditions … … and it’s quite likely that the average tourist goes home from Italy with the impression that they’ve just visited a huge open air museum, never considering that it is, in fact, a modern,…

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Bagniamoci I Piedi Posted by on Aug 9, 2017

Lunedì scorso era il mio compleanno: “Cosa vuoi fare per il tuo compleanno?” mi chiede Geoff. “Voglio fare una gita nelle Alpi Apuane” gli rispondo. Ed eccoci ad Equi Terme! Equi Terme, se non ci siete mai stati, è un antico borgo nascosto nel cuore delle stupende Alpi Apuane in Toscana. Da casa nostra ci…

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