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Breakfast In Viareggio – English Translation Posted by on Apr 24, 2017

Here’s the English translation of Serena’s article Tales From The Bar – Breakfast In Viareggio, published last Friday. Frequentavo il Liceo Classico a Viareggio. La mattina presto insieme ad altri miei compagni di scuola prendevo la corriera della Lazzi che partiva da Lucca alle 7 del mattino ed arrivava a Viareggio alle 7.30. La scuola,…

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Tales From The Bar – Breakfast In Viareggio Posted by on Apr 21, 2017

Here’s another little scene from bar life in Italy. Today I want to tell you about when I was a secondary school student in Viareggio, near Lucca. We’ll publish the English translation at the beginning of next week. That gives you all weekend to work on your own translation. Frequentavo il Liceo Classico a Viareggio.…

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When In Rome ……. Posted by on Apr 20, 2017

So, if you’ve studied our recent blog Parliamo Romanesco! you should be getting the hang of the Roman dialect by now, and ready for your next challenge. Here it is … To get a real flavour of the Romano dialect it goes without saying that you need to hear it spoken, or sung, by a…

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Parliamo Romanesco! Posted by on Apr 18, 2017

Last week I wrote an article based on the poem La Margherita (The Daisy) by the Italian writer Trilussa. The poem is written in the musical Romanesco dialect which was Trilussa’s preferred means of expressing himself. If you have a reasonable grounding in the Italian language, Romanesco isn’t too difficult to read. You just need…

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Easter In Italy Posted by on Apr 14, 2017

In Italian we say: ‘Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi’ (Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you like). Nevertheless, Domenica di Pasqua (Easter Sunday) is usually spent with the family, engaged in the traditional act of stuffing oneself with food, and then regretting it … Da Mangiare c’è … Traditional Easter fare consists…

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