Famous Singer in Korea – Kim Jang-hoon

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Kim Jang-hoon is one of famous singers in South Korea and debuted in 1991 as a singer. He is also famous as a subscriber to charity and called “donation angel” in Korea.  So far, he donated about 15 million dollars.  I want to introduce one of his famous songs calls “나와 같다면/na wa ga dda myun/if you feel the way I do.”  The song was famous more than ten years ago, and it became popular again by another Korean singer Kim Yeon-Woo.  He sang the song again in 2011.  The song is slow ballad, so I think you can learn through watching video below.  If you studied Korean alphabet through my previous blogs, you would know how to read the subtitle.  Summary of the song is about a couple who broke up and a guy wonders whether she thinks about him or not when she doesn’t have any appointment and stay home by herself.  Let me translate beginning sentence for you “어떤 약속도 없는 그런 날에 너만 혼자 집에 있을 때 넌 옛 생각이 나는지 그럴 땐 어떡하는지/ eo ddeon yak sok do eop nun gu run nal aen neo ma hon ja jip ae it sul ddae neon yet sang gag e na nun ji gu leol ddan eo ddeo ha nun ji/ when you stay home by yourself without any appointment, I am wondering that you are think about the past and how you handle it.

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As you know, when you learn a foreign language, you need to approach a variety of language side such as a song, drama, bible, text, reading, etc.  If you memorize a Korean song, it will be helpful to learn Korean language and I recommend the song because it is very slow and famous.  Enjoy the video below.




A Day of Parks and Museums in Seoul

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Sure, the big city is exciting, but sometimes you just want to find a place to escape and relax. Cue some of Seoul’s best parks – Hangang and Namsan. In between chilling out in the parks, learn a bit about Korean history and culture at the National Museum and the War Memorial.

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Yeouido island


Hangang park


National Museum of Korea


War Memorial of Korea

남산 공원

Namsan park


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Do you like to go to shopping?  Many males do not like to go to shopping, but if they live by themselves just like me, they have to go to grocery shopping at least once a week.   Especially, when people go to travel in other countries, they do more shopping.  Do you want to practice how to buy something and reduce price in Korean?  I have some useful expressions, phrases, and dialogues for you.  First expression is “How much is it?/얼마예요?/eol ma ye yo.”  Second, “I am looking for _______/____(를/을) 찾으세요?/___(lul/eul) cha ja yo?”  Third, “Please, reduce the price/좀 깎아주세요/jom ggac a joo sae yo.”  Fourth, “what are you looking for?/뭘 찾으세요?/meoul cha ju sae yo? 사장님/sa jang nim means president and store owner.  손님/son nim/고객님/go gaec nim means guest both.

Please see the dialogue below and image how you do shopping.

Michael: 안녕하세요. 사장님.

Store owner: 안녕하세요. 고객님/손님 뭘 찾으세요?

Michael: 스웨터를 찾아요/su wae ter lul cha ja yo/I am looking for a sweater.

Store owner: 여기 있어요/yeo gi iy eo yo/there you are.

Michael: 얼마예요?

Store owner: 3 만원이에요/sam man won e ae yo/it is $30.

Michael: 좀 깎아주세요.  오천 원만 깎아주세요/o cheon won man ggac a ju sae

yo/please reduce $5.

Store owner: 알겠습니다.

“Photo from by Toby Simkin on flickr.com”

Please watcth the video below to learn correct pronumciation.