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Y U always mix up Norwegian vowels Posted by on Jun 20, 2016


Unless you’re a Norwegian (or a Swede), you’ll probably find the language a bit difficult to pronouce. I think Norwegian (and Swedish) dialects are a sonical challenge mainly because – they’ve got 2 different word melodies – think Chinese – the vowels are not what you’d expect – many dialects have tricky consonant combos (often involving the…

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A Norwegian bird’s tale Posted by on Jun 10, 2016

The beautiful myrsnipe. (Photo courtesy of Arnstein Rønning at Flickr, CC License.)

How do you learn norsk when you’re not surrounded by the language? Well, surprise, bøker (books) can be excellent teachers! 🙂 Read a bit of Norwegian every day, and slowly the language will be taking over your brain… Mohaha! :-] The problem, of course, is finding texts that fit your level. Most books are either too long&difficult – or too easy&boring……

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Colour your tongue! Posted by on May 28, 2016


Can you imagine a day without farger (colours)? It’s no wonder that many language courses are quick to introduce a few colours. Here are the basic ones in Norwegian – can you guess the meaning of the words? 1 rød 2 blå 3 gul 4 grønn 5 brun 6 oransj [oRANSH] 7 lilla 8 svart…

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17 a-may-zing Norway facts Posted by on May 17, 2016

Fossekall (by Thomas Kraft at Wikimedia Commons, CC License)

Gratulerer med dagen! (Happy Constitution day!) I dag er det 17. mai (today is May 17th), and store og små (big ones and little ones) have been out in the streets of Norway to celebrate their grunnlov (Constitution) and frihet (freedom). Here’s 17 things that help making Norway so amazing: Norges kvinnelandslag i håndball (Norway…

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May 1st and Norwegian Politics Posted by on May 1, 2016

Norwegian PM Erna Solberg is from the Høyre party. (Wikimedia Commons, CC License.)

Liker du politikk? (Do you like politics?) Even though a lot of Norwegians, like people elsewhere, synes politikk er kjedelig (think politics are boring), første mai (May 1st) is a day when many are eager to hit the street and voice their mening (opinion). Traditionally known as arbeidernes internasjonale kampdag (the workers’ international struggle day),…

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