Brazilian Novelas

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Brazilian novelas, or soap operas, are famous the world over and are broadcast in countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and Europe. Watching novelas is an excellent way to work on your listening comprehension skills, as well as to build your vocabulary.

Luckily, many novelas are now available on YouTube, and you can watch entire episodes there. One of the big novelas in Brazil right now is Viver a Vida. Let’s take a look at an excerpt:

YouTube Preview Image

Questions (from 0:00 – 3:15)

1. What does the woman threaten to do to the little girl?

2. The maid tells the man in pajamas that his mom is worried. Why?

3. Who is the writer of the blog the women are looking at?


1. Lock her in her room

2. He won’t eat or answer his cell phone

3. Luciana

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