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Mutually Beneficial: Russian Words With Взаимо- You Need To Know Posted by on Dec 6, 2016

at the market

Взаимо- is a useful root that lets you create compound words with the sense of “mutual” or “two-way.” This post will list some common words made with that root. First, взаимо-  is related to the adjective “взаимный,” “mutual.” Сохрани́ть доброжела́тельность, чу́вство взаи́много уваже́ния, любви́ ― о́чень сло́жная шту́ка. (Keeping that friendliness, the feeling of mutual respect and…

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Easy Does It: Sayings With Лёгкий Posted by on Dec 1, 2016

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Лёгкий means “easy” or “light” (weight-wise). Apart from being a useful word in its own right, лёгкий appears in a number of common sayings. Pronunciation note: don’t worry about trying to enunciate the г. This word is pronounced as if it were spelled “лёхкий.” A useful homonym is лёгкие (lungs, singular лёгкое). Лёгок на помине…

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Conquer the Backwards R — Learn to Read Russian (Part II) Posted by on Nov 28, 2016

mall in Russia

Last time, we looked at some letters of the Russian alphabet that either look and sound or just sound like their Latin counterparts. This time, we will look at letters that have similar sounds to other languages and, finally, some unique letters. Letters That Sound But Don’t Look Like Latin Letters A lot of these…

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Conquer the Backwards R — Learn to Read Russian (Part I) Posted by on Nov 21, 2016

Salut Hotel

Every so often a reader of this blog will be frustrated about not being able to read Russian characters. While we will occasionally include transliteration and audio, learning to read Cyrillic is much easier that you think! There are several reasons why reading Russian is beneficial, and we will look at some relatively painless ways…

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Silver Linings: Five Idioms For Dealing With Shock And Disappointment Posted by on Nov 14, 2016

boxing gloves

The results of the presidential election in the US came as a surprise to both supporters and opponents of the President-Elect Trump. For situations like this, along with Brexit, which we covered on this blog, a few Russian idioms may come in handy. How and whether you will use them will depend on your outlook.…

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