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Ramadan Campaign: سنة الحياة Sunnet El-Hayaa Posted by on May 8, 2020 in Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Our post this week is dedicated to an advert song أغنية لإعلان  that Orange (a mobile’s company, Egypt branch) launched أطلقته as part of its Ramadan campaign حملة رمضان  this year. The theme of the song موضوع الأغنية  is timely مناسب (لهذا الوقت)  as it sends a positive message رسالة إيجابية  to people by giving them hope بإعطائهم الأمل during the current lockdown الحظر الحالي that has become more difficult with the arrival of Ramadan وصول شهر رمضان; a time usually spent with family and friends. I will provide the Arabic lyrics, together with the English translation of it below.

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This Ramadan, Orange decides to give its clients عملاءها a special offer to help them connect more easily للاتصال بطريقة أسهل  in Ramadan with those they love. They do so in a smart way by choosing the iconic Emirati singer: Hussain Al-jassmi حسين الجسمي  – to sing a song that addresses what’s on everyone’s mind now: to see their loved ones soon أن يروا أحبّتهم قريبًا.

** ** * ** **


The song is obviously in Egyptian Arabic and so is the slogan الشعار chosen for the campaign, which was:

وحشتنا اللحظة

We’ve missed the moment


We’ve missed getting together

 لحد ما ترجع

Until it comes back

هنقربك ليها

We’ll get you closer to it

** ** * ** **

Before listening to the song, let’s look at the song’s title quickly to understand what the song is about.


Sunnet El-Hayaa سنة الحياة

The title means: Way of life/ fact of life, i.e. it’s the way things usually are and can’t be changed because it’s just the way it is.

In the context of the lockdown في سياق الحظر, it means that no matter how far apart we are at the moment, things will change for sure and we will meet again. In other words, we can’t be apart forever.


To the song 🙂

كلمات الأغنية

The Lyrics

إزىك يا على؟

How are you, Ali?

إزيّك يا ماما، عاملة إيه؟

How are you, mom. How are you doing?

جاي إمتى؟

When are you coming back?

أنا جاي قريّب، إن شاء الله

I’m coming back soon, inshAllah




لو طالت المسافات

If distances prolonged


وبعدتنا الأيام

And days brought us apart


ما بينا ألف حاجه

Between us, a thousand things


تبيِّن الاهتمام

That shows attention/care


** ** * ** **


مين قال ان التلاقي

Who said that being together


لُقا وسلام بالإيد

is a meeting and a handshake


فيه قلوب بتحس بينا

There are hearts that feel for us


لو حتى من بعيد

Even from afar


** ** * ** **


دايماً جوانا كلام

Always, inside of us there are things to be said


قصص محتاجة تتقال

Stories that need to be told


وناس غاليين علينا

And people dear/precious to us


1من البال – in standard Arabicما بيروحوش م البال

They don’t leave our mind


** ** * ** **


ده ما فيش للدنيا معنى

There’s no meaning to life


لو ما إنتاش لاقي ليك

If you can’t find for you


حد أما تغيب عليه

Someone, who if you go away from


يفضل يسأل عليك

keeps asking about you


** ** * ** **


ودي سُنة الحياة

And this is the fact of life


نبعد نتوه ونمشي

We go away, get lost, and walk


في مليون اتجاه

In a million direction


ودي سُنة الحياة

And this is the fact of life


الغالي بيفضل غالى

Who is dear stays dear


وإنت بقلبك معاه

And you, with your heart, with him


** ** * ** **


نتمنى لحظه

We hope for a moment


تجمعنا بحبايبنا

That brings us together with our loved ones


لا بعاد ولا غربة

No being away (apart) or expatriation


ولا شوق في قلوبنا

Or longing in our hearts



2ميعاد= موعد appointment دا لُقــــــــــانا بمعاد

Our meeting is appointed

** ** * ** **

  • 1
    من البال – in standard Arabic
  • 2
    ميعاد= موعد appointment
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