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Irregular verbs – again Posted by on Mar 25, 2011

In this post, I respond to a query from a reader who noticed that the second person masculine plural form is not included in the table. The table presented below is complete. Doubled verbs (الفعل المضعف) in Arabic end in a doubled letter, i.e. one with shadda (ـّ), e.g. (شدّ) ‘pulled’, (ظنّ) ‘thought’, (استعدّ) ‘got…

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Definite Demonstrative Nouns in Arabic Posted by on Mar 23, 2011

A new type of Arabic definite nouns to look at is the Demonstrative Nouns. These Nouns are definite by themselves because they Refer to a definite person, thing or place. They are referring words. In English, these are called Demonstrative Adjectives or Adverbs of Place but in Arabic, they are Nouns. Arabic has three numbers…

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Jewellery Posted by on Mar 23, 2011

This post aims to introduce some vocabulary items related to jewellery (المجوهرات). A jeweler (الصائغ) is the person who makes or sells them. In the West, it is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friends, and wedding rings often have diamond (الماس/الألماس) stones. In the Arab world, women particularly love gold (الذهب), and they…

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Definite Nouns with (AL-) (الاسم المعرف بـ (الـ Posted by on Mar 21, 2011

Definite Nouns with (AL)

As we discussed in a previous post that Definite nouns have SEVEN Types, today we are going to look closely at the second type of them. (2) The definite Noun starting with Al-  الاسم الذى يبدأ بـ الـ In Arabic, an indefinite noun can turn into a definite noun by adding the two letters prefix…

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A note about the imperative Posted by on Mar 20, 2011

In this post, I give a useful note about the imperative (الأمر). I taught the imperative to my students recently, and as I explained before that the imperative of regular form I verbs (that do not have vowels) is formed by following the pattern (افعل). It is sometimes vowels with a short /o/ on the…

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Definite Nouns المعارف : Proper Nouns اسم العلم Posted by on Mar 19, 2011

As we discussed in the last post that Definite nouns have Seven Types, today we are going to look closely at one of them. (1) The Proper Noun اسم العلم The Proper Noun is the definite noun that refers to a specific name of someone or something or some place. It is the given name…

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The Noun الاسم : Definite المعرفة & Indefinite النكرة Posted by on Mar 18, 2011

Arabic nouns are either definite or indefinite.  The Indefinite Noun الاسم النكرة It is the noun which refers to a common and non-specific noun;(person, animal, thing …etc.). It can be given to any member under that category of nouns. So, when you say an indefinite noun, you really don’t mean someone or something definite. Examples…

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