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Jewellery Posted by on Mar 23, 2011 in Culture, Vocabulary

This post aims to introduce some vocabulary items related to jewellery (المجوهرات). A jeweler (الصائغ) is the person who makes or sells them. In the West, it is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friends, and wedding rings often have diamond (الماس/الألماس) stones. In the Arab world, women particularly love gold (الذهب), and they often own large amounts of it (depending on their means, of course). It is regarded as family investment, and mothers like to pass some jewellery to their daughters. The wedding ring in the Arab world are usually a simple band (دبلة), but it is often accompanied by other items, or even a diamond ring – if the groom can afford it! In Islam, men are not encourages to wear gold, therefore their wedding bands are often made of silver.


In the following section, I present the words for some jewllery items and their Arabic translations. Some of the words below are colloquial as well, e.g. the words for bangle and anklet.

Jewellery = مجوهرات

Accessories = اكسسوارات

Ring = خاتم

Bracelet = سوار / اسورة

Bangle = غويشة

Anklet = خلخال

Brooche = بروش

Chain = سلسلة

Locket = دلاية

Earrings =  حلق

Necklace = قلادة

Gold =  ذهب

Silver = فضة

Platinum = بلاتين


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