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Word search game, businesses, answer Posted by on Apr 30, 2013

In this post, I present the answer of the word search game related to businesses and professions. مكتب بريد صيدلية مصنع خباز بقال مكتبة بنك مطعم صائغ   Post Office Pharmacy Factory Baker Grocer Library, book shop, stationary shop Bank Restaurant  Jeweller

Word search game, businesses Posted by on Apr 30, 2013

In this post, I have prepared an Arabic word search game for you. Can you find the 9 words below in the table? If you are not sure about the meaning of any word, look at the bottom of the page for the translation. All the words are related to businesses and jobs. مكتب بريد…

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Reading Comprehension Answers: Yusuf Khaleef Posted by on Apr 28, 2013

        Here are the answers to the last reading comprehension exercise about the contemporary Egyptian poet, Yusuf Khlaeef. If you want to go over the exercise again, click the following link: الإجــــابــــــــــات وُلــِـــدَ الــدكـــتـــور يــوســـُـــف فــى مـــديـــنــــة الأســــكـــنــدريــــة – مـــصـــر .     1) Professor Yusuf was born in the city of Alexandria, Egypt. عـَـمِـل…

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Reading Comprehension Exercise: Yusuf Khaleef Posted by on Apr 27, 2013

اِقــرأ الـقــطـــعــــة  الـتــالــيـــة ثــم أجـــب عـــن الأســئــلـــــــة Read the and following message then answer the questions:         وُلـــِـــدَ الــدكــتـــــور يـــوســــف عــبـــد الــقــــادر خــلــيــــف فــى عـــام 1922 فــي حــي رأس الــتــيـــن بـمــديــنــة الإســكــنــدريــة – مــصــــر . حــَـــصــُــــلَ عــلــى الــلــيــســـانــــس من قسم اللغة العربية عام 1944 والــمــاجــســتــيــــر عام 1950 و والــدكـــتـــوراه عام 1956 مـِـــن كــُــلــيــــة الآداب –…

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Sinai Liberation Day Posted by on Apr 26, 2013

     Yesterday, Egypt celebrated the 31st. Sinai Liberation Day عـــيــد تــحــــريـــر ســـيــنــــاءcommemorating the withdrawal إنـــســـحـــــاب of the Israeli troops from Taba طــابـــا ; the last occupied part of the Sinai Peninsula  شـــبـه جــزيـــرة ســـيــنــــاء. The day is a national holiday أجـــازة قـــومـــيــة in Egypt and is celebrated by all people and the government الـــحـــكــومـــة in different…

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Listening comprehension exercise with answers Posted by on Apr 26, 2013

In this post, I present the transcription of the news story and the answers of the questions presented in my previous post. Questions and answers: 1-      What did Médecins Sans Frontières warn of? Médecins Sans Frontières warned of the deteriorated humanitarian situation in the camps of refugees from Mali who fled the conflict in their home country. 2-     …

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Egyptian Famous Women: Hatshepsut Posted by on Apr 25, 2013

       The Egyptian history تـاريــخ  is full of stories of amazing women نــســاء ; women who sometimes surpassed men by their powers and effects. These women not only have carved their names in history books, but also in the minds and hearts of all Egyptians. They were and still a source of inspiration إلــهــام for…

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