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Tanween [Nunation] in Arabic: Types, Meanings, and Assignment Posted by on Mar 23, 2017

tanween in Arabic: fatH-kasr-dhamm

In an earlier post, we learned that basic Arabic diacritical marks have linguistic values. So does the Arabic nunation, i.e. tanween تَنْوِيْن. Besides its distinct pronunciation, it has both grammar- and meaning-related values. There are three types of tanween: fatH ( ً  ), denoted by double fatHah kasr ( ٍ ), denoted by double kasrah…

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New Transparent Arabic Blogger: Hanan Posted by on Mar 22, 2017

A mosque

Salaam Everyone! Since this is an Arabic language blog, I made sure I start my post with an Arabic word used for greetings, and that is: Salaam سلام  which means ”Peace”. About me I’m a new blogger and my name is Hanan. I will be publishing weekly posts about the Arabic language, focusing on…

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Beautiful Arabic Song Posted by on Mar 21, 2017

Marhaba! As I have discussed in earlier posts, Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 21st across the Arab world. It coincides with the beginning of the Spring season. In the past, I have shared Marcel Khalife’s beautiful ballad, ‘To My Mother,’ and I have also shared 10 beautiful quotes for mother’s day in Arabic! Today…

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Arabic Translation Exam Posted by on Mar 18, 2017

Marhaba! Today’s post is neither about an interesting news article nor a lesson in Arabic vocabulary or grammar. Besides the importance of comprehension exercises and lessons in Arabic, it is always good to take some time to test our writing and reading skills. One of the most useful ways is through an Arabic translation exam…

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Arabic Diacritics: Important But Neglected Posted by on Mar 15, 2017

diacritics and disambiguation

Generally, diacritics are marks that are added to letters and have pronunciation- and/or meaning-related values as well as grammatical values. In Arabic, diacritical marks are: the fatHah  َ , a semi-flat hyphen-like added on top of the letter, the kasrah ِ , similar to fatHah, but put below the letter, the Dhammah ُ, a mark…

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The 10 Most Common Arabic Words about Spies (2) Posted by on Mar 14, 2017

Marhaba! I hope you all learned something new and/or refreshed your memory from the previous post about the 10 most common words about spies in Arabic. I am confident you enjoyed solving the crossword puzzle! In this post, I am sharing the answers and some examples of how you can use these words in a…

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Archaeological Discovery_reading1 Posted by on Mar 12, 2017

In this post, I present the answers of the reading comprehension exercise based on a story adapted from bbcarabic: أعلنت وزارة الآثار المصرية اكتشاف تمثالين فرعونيين، أحدهما يرجح أنه للملك رمسيس الثاني، والآخر للملك سيتي الثاني، في منطقة المطرية، شرق القاهرة. ويعود التمثالان لعصر الأسرة التاسعة عشر، وعثر عليهما في محيط بقايا معبد الملك رمسيس…

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