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Arabic Verb Forms: Negation Posted by on Jun 29, 2017

To negate a verb in English, we use the word ‘not’ along with a helping verb that indicates tense, such as ‘doesn’t, don’t’ for present simple, ‘didn’t’ for past simple, ‘hadn’t’ for past perfect simple, and so forth. In Arabic, there are multiple particles for negating verbs. The most common particles in Modern Standard Arabic…

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Time-related Vocabulary in Colloquial Arabic (Part 1) Posted by on Jun 28, 2017

In today’s post, we’re going to learn about an important, everyday subject, that is time. Asking for the time and being able to tell the time is obviously useful for many reasons and it’s one of the basic skills for any language learner. In order to learn this, I’ve attached a short video below…

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Dancing in a Hijab (2) Posted by on Jun 27, 2017

Marhaba! I hope you enjoyed listening to the ballerina’s story and were inspired by her determination to follow her dreams even when others saw her hijab as an impediment. Today, I am sharing the answers to the previous questions in the listening comprehension post. I am also sharing the news story to refresh your memory…

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Practice Pronoun Suffixes Posted by on Jun 26, 2017

In this post, I present a quick revision and some exercises to practice the use of pronoun suffixes. Personal pronouns in Arabic appear as separate words in subject position, however when they appear as possessive pronouns at the end of nouns and as object pronouns at the end of verbs, they become suffixes. Please check…

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Listening comprehension, economy1 Posted by on Jun 25, 2017

In this post, I present the answers of the listening comprehension exercises presented earlier.   English Questions and Answers: How does the report describe Qatar’s economy? The report describes Qatar’s economy as strong and competitive.   What is the rank of Qatar on the list of countries by GDP per capita? Qatar takes the first…

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Dancing in a Hijab Posted by on Jun 24, 2017

Marhaba! Today I want to share with you an inspiring and interesting story. It is the story of a ballet dancer, who has chosen to dance with her hijab. I thought this was such an inspiring story that shows how ones beliefs should not contradict with ones aspirations and dreams. I will share this story…

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Listening comprehension, economy Posted by on Jun 23, 2017

Listen to the news story below and answer the questions that follow. The topic of the news story is the Qatari economy. The answer of all the questions is based on the first 1:40 seconds of the video. You can use the additional vocabulary below to assist your comprehension. Answer the following questions in English…

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