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Practice Pronoun Suffixes Posted by on Jun 26, 2017 in Arabic Language

In this post, I present a quick revision and some exercises to practice the use of pronoun suffixes. Personal pronouns in Arabic appear as separate words in subject position, however when they appear as possessive pronouns at the end of nouns and as object pronouns at the end of verbs, they become suffixes. Please check the table below for the list of subject, possessive and object pronouns in Arabic.

Now, change these nouns and verbs with pronouns into the appropriate form, and translate them into English.

كتاب + أنا

فصل + أنتم

جامعة + نحن

بيوت + هم

أصدقاء + أنتما

ساعدَت + هو

استقبلت + أنتن

رأينا + هي

يريد + هما

يسمع + هن

كتابي = my book

فصلكم = your classroom (pl)

جامعتنا = our university

بيوتهم  = their homes

أصدقاءكما = your friends (dual)

ساعدَته = she helped him

استقبلتكن = I welcomed you (fem. Pl.)

رأيناها  = we saw her

يريدهما  = he wants them (dual)

يسمعهن  = he hears them (fem.)

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  1. Scheich Josef:

    Good practice, but of course with pronouns ضمائر instead of prepositions حروف الجر.