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Couscous: the famous Maghrebi dish Posted by on Mar 8, 2021

Today, we’re learning about Couscous كسكسي/ كسكس. If you’ve not heard of it before, it’s a savoury dish that is made in North Africa, i.e. the countries of Maghreb (click here if you’re interested in learning how you can make couscous the libyan way). The reason why I would like to focus on this dish…

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Adverbs of Time in MSA and Levantine ظروف الزَّمــان Posted by on Mar 3, 2021

In this post, I thought we’d learn some of the adverbs of time in Arabic  ظروف الزَّمــان. We’ll look at example sentences for context. I have also included an audio recording to help with pronunciation. Before we begin, can you think of any ظَرْفُ زَّمَانِ?  Let’s start with some straightforward ones: Note: I have added…

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Hepta: The Movie Trailer – part 2 Posted by on Mar 1, 2021

Welcome to the second part of this blog post. We’re still looking at the Egyptian movie Hepta هيبتا . In the last post, we studied the language used in the trailer of the movie. The Arabic used in the trailer is Egyptian Arabic. In this post, I’m going to provide the Standard Arabic equivalent to…

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