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Hepta: the seven stages of love Posted by on Feb 15, 2021 in Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Salaam Arabic learners السلام عليكم يا متعلّمي اللغة العربية 🙂 Yesterday – the 14th. Feb – was Valentines Day عيد الحب. This reminded me of a  romantic Egyptian movie فيلم مصري رومانسي  titled بعنوان: Hebta: the final lecture هيبتا: المحاضرة الأخيرة. In this post, we’re going to learn the lyrics of the theme song of the movie حكاية واحدة One story, performed by the Egyptian singer: Donia Samir Ghanem. For our blog readers who would like to improve their Egyptian Arabic, this is useful, authentic language material that I hope you’ll benefit from.

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The movie (هيبتا (2016 is based on a novel, by Mohamed Sadeq. It details the seven stages of love مراحل الحب السبع that most relationships أغلب العلاقات goes through, by focusing on 4 different love stories.


*You will have a chance to learn more about the movie in the second part of this blog post (check this space soon).


Let’s now listen to the song and learn the lyrics  >>




كلمات الأغنية*



بنتقابل، وتيجى عيونا فى عيون بعض

We meet, and our eyes meet


ونتكلم، نلاقي إن احنا نشبه بعض

And we talk, we find that we are similar to each other


نحس بحاجه مش فاهمين تفاصيلها

We feel something, we do not understand its details


وأجمل لحظه فى الحدوته أوّلها

And the most beautiful moment of the story is its beginning


وبعد شويا نتجرأ ونعملها

And after a while we dare and do it


ونفتح يوم قلوبنا لبعض

And we open our hearts to each other


= = = = = =


ونتصارح وإحساسنا بيقلب حب

And we open up to each other honestly and our feelings turn into love


وفى ثواني نعيش اتنين بنفس القلب

And in seconds, we live as two people with one heart


نعيش فى حكايه أحلى مما نتصور

We live a story more beautiful than we can ever imagine


ويبدأ حبنا يكبر ويتطور

And our love starts to get bigger and grow


وبعد شويه إحساسنا بيتغير

And after a while, our feeling changes


وفجأة السهل بيكون صعب

And suddenly the easy thing becomes difficult


= = = = = =


نتخانق وكل حقيقه بتبان

We fight and every truth becomes apparent


ونتعاتب عتاب ملوش لا لون ولا طعم

And we blame each other, a tasteless and colourless blame


تاخدنا الدنيا من أشواقنا لجروحنا

Life takes us away from our passions towards wounds


ونبعد حبّه تخرج روحنا من روحنا

And we get away for a bit and our souls become separated


نحس ساعتها إن البعد ريحنا

We feel then that the separation put us at ease


ونتعود ولا نهتم

And we get used to it and stop caring


= = = = = =


قلوبنا في الهوا نصيبها

Our hearts in love, its share


حكايه واحده متشابهه

is a one similar story


لكن نهايتها مختلفه

but its ending is different


وأصل الحب ده رحله

Love is basically a journey


وبيه دنيتنا بيه تحلى

And with it, our life becomes sweet


قدرنا أصله مش صدفه

It is our fate, not a coincidence


= = = = = =


Stay tuned for the 2 coming posts to know more about the movie 😉


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  1. Mohammed:

    Excellent teaching approach. Could you please share any video ie-karaoke version with lyric (c/with reading+ speaking marker-fathah/dhammah/kasrah etc ). I believe learning language from song is effective -song is a universal language)..

    • Hanan:

      @Mohammed Hi Mohammed. Thanks for passing by. I usually add diacritics or include an audio file as it’s not always practical to add diacritics especially that such a post is mainly for advanced learners and it’s a specific dialect. If you know the alphabets, you should be able to follow the song (that’s why I attached it) and so diatritis won’t be as essential.