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9 Arabic Phrases to Use During Emergencies Posted by on Dec 5, 2015 in Arabic Language

Marhaba! At all times in our life, we ask for help. When we were kids, we would cry in our times of despair to get help. As adults, we ask for aid by yelling ‘Help’ and other similar phrases converging on the notion of support. Against the background of important Arabic phrases for traveling to the Arab world, today, I want to share with you nine important Arabic phrases to use during emergencies. These phrases cover some of the most common situations: injury, robbery, medical attention, directions when lost, and legal issues. Learn these phrases to seek help in times of dire straits. I hope you will never have to use any of these phrases, but if you have to, they might come in handy. As always, I have translated and transliterated each and every phrase for your convenience.

Help! Please, I need help!! Help me please!
Translation: المساعدة! أرجوك, أحتاج الى مساعدة! ساعدني أرجوك
Transliteration: Al-mu-sa-‘a-da! Ar-juk ah-taj ’i-la mu-sa-‘a-da! Sa-‘id-ni ar-juk!

Help me! I was just robbed by a thief. I need the police!
Translation: ساعدني! لقد قام بسرقتي اللص. أحتاج الى الشرطة
Transliteration: Sa-‘id-ni! La-qad qa-ma bi-sa-ri-qa-ti al-liss. Ah-taj ’i-la al-shur-ta!


Image by Betsy Weber via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Help, please! I lost my money, passport, and personal items. Could you help me get to the nearest police station?
Translation: المساعدة أرجوك! أضعت مالي, جواز السفر, وأغراضي الشخصية. ممكن أن تساعدني لأصل الى أقرب مخفر للشرطة؟
Transliteration: Al-mu-sa-‘a-da ar-juk! A-da‘-tu ma-li, jaw-waz al-sa-far, wa-agh-ra-di al-shakh-si-ya. Mum-kin an tu-sa-‘id-ni li-asil ’i-la aq-rab makh-far lil-shur-ta?

Help, please. I fell down and I need your help to get up again.
Translation: المساعدة أرجوك! سقطت وأحتاج الى مساعدتك لأنهض
Transliteration: Al-mu-sa-‘a-da ar-juk! Sa-qat-tu wa-ah-taju ’i-la mu-sa-‘a-da-tak li-an-had

Help me, please! I am in pain and I need to see a doctor immediately.
Translation: ساعدني أرجوك! أنا متألم وأحتاج الى طبيب حالاً
Transliteration: Sa-‘id-ni ar-juk! Ana mu-ta-’al-lim wa-ah-taj ’i-la ta-bib ha-lan

I need your help! Could you please take me to the nearest hospital?
Translation: أحتاج الى مساعدتك! من فضلك ممكن أن تأخذني الى أقرب مستشفى؟
Transliteration: Ah-taj ’i-la mu-sa-‘a-da-tak! Min fad-lak mum-kin an ta’-khu-tha-ni ’i-la aq-rab mus-tash-fa?

Image by Taber Andrew Bain via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Image by Taber Andrew Bain via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Help me, I need to go to the nearest pharmacy to buy medication.
Translation: ساعدني, أحتاج الى الوصول الى أقرب صيدلية لأشتري الدواء
Transliteration: Sa-‘id-ni, ah-taj ’i-la al-wu-sul ’i-la aq-rab say-da-li-ya li-ash-ta-ri al-da-wa’

Help me I lost my map. Could you please direct me back to the downtown city area?
Translation: ساعدني, لقد أضعت خريطتي. ممكن من فضلك أن ترشدني الى منطقة وسط المدينة؟
Transliteration: Sa-‘id-ni, la-qad ’a-da‘-tu kha-ri-ta-ti. Mum-kin min fad-lak an tur-shi-da-ni ’i-la min-ta-qat wa-sat al-ma-di-na?

Could you please help me find a good lawyer?
Translation: ممكن من فضلك أن تساعدني لأجد محامي جيد؟
Transliteration: Mum-kin min fad-lak an tu-sa-‘i-da-ni li-’a-jid mu-ha-mi ja-yid?

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  1. Krista:

    Hi I love your blog. I find it helpful to me as I am trying to learn arabic. I am a Filipino who grew up here in Saudi but unfortunately I didn’t get to learn the language when I was young. Now I am here as a dentist and I am trying to learn arabic now.

    I notice here that the word Help comes in different ways. I if I was just screaming “Help! Help!” what would be the proper word?

    Thanks and more power to your blog.
    It would help me a lot though if there were arabic for medical/dental practitioners.. just a suggestion.. thanks!