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A new state is being born Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Vocabulary

Today, the UN General Assembly has voted to grant the Palestinians the status of non-member observer state  (دولة مراقب غير عضو).

138 member states voted in favour (لصالح), while 9 voted against (ضد), with 41 nations abstaining (امتنعت).

This is a great day for the Palestinian people, as it is a step forward on the way to having international recognition (الاعتراف الدولي ) of the Palestinian state (دولة فلسطينية) .

Although Israel and the US have strongly opposed (عارض) the move, and described it as a step backward for the peace process (عملية السلام)!

I believe this is a great historic decision that can make a big difference for the region by improving the prospects of peace and ending the historic injustice done to the Palestinian people! It would be really great to have two states (Israeli and Palestinain) living together in peace! We are probably one step closer to this today than we were yesterday, and it is very exciting!

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