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Places and Buildings in Arabic Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

In this post and as I previously promised, every now and then I will provide you with some lessons that can be beneficial to beginners, intermediate and advanced Arabic learners and lovers! Today, my lesson focuses on a list of different places and buildings in Arabic. All these words are the most common organizations and buildings. All these words are useful for first time Arabic learners and advanced learners that need to refresh their memory. I will also provide you with a few sentences that make use of these different Arabic words.

1 – A Restaurant – المطعم

There is a new restaurant next to my apartment.

هناك مطعم جديد بالقرب من شقّتي

2 – A University – الجامعة

Which university are you attending?

في أيّ جامعة تدرس؟

3 – A Train Station – محطة قطارِ

I am waiting for you at the train station

أنا بانتظارك في محطة القطار

4 – A Hospital – المستشفى

My friend is in the hospital

صديقي في المستشفى

5 – A Movie Theater – قاعة السينما

This Friday we are going to the movie theater

سوف نذهب الى قاعة السينما نهار الجمعة

6 – A Supermarket – السوق المركزي

I need some groceries from the supermarket

أحتاج الى بعض الخضار من السوق المركزي

7 – A Library – المكتبة

I want to return these books to the library

أريد أن أُعيد هذه الكتب الى المكتبة

8 – A Museum – المتحف

I have been invited to a new exhibition at the museum

دُعيت الى معرض جديد في المتحف

9 – A Pharmacy – الصيدلية

I need some medicine from the pharmacy

أحتاج الى بعض من الدواء من الصيدلية

10 –  A Bank – المصرف

I will deposit money at the bank tomorrow

سوف أُودِع المال في المصرف غداً

Like always please stay tuned for engaging, stimulating and interesting posts!!

Have a great day!

نهاركم سعيد

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