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A word search game in Arabic – Ramadan Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Culture, Vocabulary

In this post, I present an Arabic word search game about Ramadan foods (أطباق رمضان) and the meaning of the search words


1-      كنافة

2-      خشاف

3-      تمر

4-      قراصيا

5-      قطايف

6-      قمر الدين

7-      بلح الشام

8-      بسبوسة

9-      بقلاوة

10-   مكسرات


Here is the meaning of the words:

1-       كنافة (is a dessert commonly served in Ramadan)

2-      خشاف (is dried fruits soaked in water or milk)

3-      تمر (dried dates)

4- قراصيا (dried prunes)

5-       قطايف (is a dessert commonly served in Ramadan)

6-      قمر الدين (is a sweet drink made from apricots commonly served in Ramadan)

7-      بلح الشام (is a dessert commonly served in Ramadan)

8-      بسبوسة (is a Middle Eastern dessert)

9-      بقلاوة (is a Middle Eastern dessert)

10-    مكسرات (nuts)

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