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Arabic Graffiti Posted by on Apr 14, 2017 in Arabic Language, Culture

Graffiti (الغرافيتي) is the art of writing and drawing on walls. It usually serves to deliver a social or political message. The art is very common in the Arab world where social and political problems affect the lives of millions and where the freedom of expression margin is very narrow.

Graffiti by el Seed

I remember as a child in my hometown Alexandria in Egypt, the walls mainly had messages written not drawn. One of the messages that I still remember until now read: “How much a meter of homeland costs?” (متر الوطن بكام؟).

In the following video, a Tunisian Calligraffiti artist talks about one of his experiences doing calligraphy and graffiti in his hometown.

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  1. David Brenton:

    Great post. Thanks for bringing el Seed to our attention.