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Arabic Prepositions1 Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 in Arabic Language, Grammar

Arabic Prepositions (حروف الجر) are an interesting and a challenging topic for learners of Arabic. When I mark students’ essays, I notice many mistakes with prepositions. In this post, I highlight the meanings and usage of two of the Arabic prepositions; give examples and some exercises on the selected prepositions.


عن  has a number of meanings, e.g.

Exceeding, for example

هاجر بعيداً عن بلده.

He travelled away from his country.

About, for example

تحدثنا عن الرحلة.

We talked about the trip.

After to indicate future actions, for example

سيصل عن قريب.

He will arrive soon (after a short while).


By/via to indicate method, for example

سنسافر عن طريق البحر.

We will travel by sea.

At, to indicate a place, e.g.

جلست عن يمين الأستاذ.

I sat to the right of the teacher.

الكاف /كـ (as) indicates similarity

 البنت طويلة كوالدتها.

The girl is tall as her mother.

Complete the sentences below with the appropriate preposition (عن – الكاف)

أريد أن أبتعد ———–  المشاكل.

الأصدقاء تكلموا ————- الحفل.

أنت جميلة ———– القمر.

سأشتري التذكرة ———- طريق الإنترنت.

المصارع قوي ——————— الثور.



أريد أن أبتعد عن  المشاكل.

I want to stay away from trouble.

الأصدقاء تكلموا عن الحفل.

The friends talked about the party.

أنت جميلة كالقمر.

You are pretty like the moon.

سأشتري التذكرة عن طريق الإنترنت.

I will buy the ticket online (by the Internet).

المصارع قوي كالثور.

The wrestler is as strong as a bull.

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