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Arabic Translation Answers: ‘Mawaqif’ Posted by on Nov 27, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Grammar, Vocabulary

   Ahlan Arabic fans! How did you do in the last translation post about Mawaqif? Here is the English translation answers of the Arabic Translation Exercise: “Mawaqif” that was written by the Egyptian writer and journalist Anis Mansour أنــيــس مــَــنــْــصــُـــور who used to write daily articles for Al-Ahram newspaper; الأهـــرام /Al-Ahram/ under one title; “Situations مــَــوَاقــِــفْ /mawaqif/ and in which he discussed so many topics. In this article, Anis Mansour is talking about different life situations and is writing some jewels of wisdom in a highly literary style.

"Mawaqif" Anis Mansour via

“Mawaqif” Anis Mansour via


By Anis Mansour on July 15th 2011

  • The prettiest things in life are: love, bread and freedom!
  • Jealousy is born with love .. but it never dies with it!
  • Love is rare .. friendship is even rarer!
  • Happiness is: a word, a slice of bread and a kiss, too!
  • True love is: to love the only person that can make you miserable!
  • A woman threatens .. a woman surrenders!
  • Happiness is: to get addicted to deceiving yourself by yourself!
  • It is better for the husband to stay up all night than sleep with a ghost!
  • I know you by the things you laugh at!
  • Life is fake, so pretend to know that!
  • Much of the lust is an illusion .. and much of the happiness is reality!
  • The child is brought up by his mother .. the man by his wife!
  • The crocodile cries when it sees man; it has found a bigger liar!
  • What I have is nothing .. what others have is everything .. this is greed!
  • You don’t know your heart until you fail in love!
  • He, who catches the snake by its tail, is caught by the snake!
  • The young man wants to be sincere in his love but he can’t .. the old man wants to betray but he can’t!
  • A woman is a luxurious table of food with two pictures; one before eating, the other after eating!
  • Pity opens a woman’s heart .. jealousy breaks it down!
  • Marriage heals all the wounds a girl once had before!
  • Whether a woman is very beautiful or very ugly, praise her intelligence!
  • The beautiful woman is like a king; all people are hypocrite to!
  • Respect the past and beware of the present if you want to have a future!
  • Friendship, as well as believing in it, is rare!


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