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Arabic Verb forms VI-X Posted by on Jun 29, 2009 in Arabic Language

In this post, I continue to explain the verb forms. You can read about forms I-V here. I should have noted earlier that there are many functions for each form, and the one or ones I list in relation to a given form may be the most common use, but not the only one.


Form VI (يتفاعَلُ/تفاعَلَ) has the meaning of participation, i.e. the action is done by more than one participant. It also implies a sense of doing the action willingly and repeatedly, e.g. (تبادل) exchanged and (تشارك) shared

 تبادلت الرسائل مع صديقتي بعد سفرها.

“I exchanged letters with my friend after she travelled.”

تشارك الرجلان في أرباح شركتهما.

“Both men shared the benefits of their company.”


Form VII(ينفعِلُ/انفعَلَ) is reflexive and intransitive. It indicates that the action happened willingly or spontaneously, e.g. (انكسر) studied and (انشغل) taught; (انتقل) carried.

انكسر زجاج النافذة.

“The window glass broke.”

انشغلت بالعمل ونسيت الموعد.

“I got busy with my work and forgot the appointment.”


Form VIII (يفتعِلُ /افتعَلَ) has the meaning of participation and also implies the active involvement of the subject in doing the action, e.g. (اشترك) participated/subscribed, (اجتمع) met, (استمع) listened.

استمع الطالب إلى المحاضرة باهتمام.

“The student listened to the lecture attentively.”

اشتركت مع أصدقائي في تنظيم الرحلة.

“I participated with my friends in organizing the trip.”


Form IX(تفعَّلَ/ يتفعَّلُ) implies a change of condition such as colour, e.g. (اخضرّ) turned green, (اصفرّ) turned yellow

اخضرّت الأشجار.

“The trees turned green.”


Form X(يستفعِلُ/استفعَلَ) is transitive, and has the sense of seeking to do something, e.g.(استعلم) enquired, (استقبل) received.

استعلمت عن موعد وصول القطار.

“I enquired about the arrival time of the train.”


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