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Environmental Vocabulary in Arabic Posted by on Jul 2, 2009 in Vocabulary

Let’s look at some Arabic vocabulary dealing with nature and the environment.

 أحب الطبيعة في مدينتي.

“I like nature in my city.”

يحب أن نحافظ على البيئة.

“We must conserve the environment.”

كل المخلوقات الحية  تحتاج إلى الماء والهواء والطاقة.

“All living creatures need water, air and energy.”
















نبات – نباتات


حشرة – حشرات


حيوان – حيوانات


طائر – الطيور


سمكة – الأسماك

The sun


The weather



غابة – غابات


صحراء – صحارى


محيط – محيطات


بحر – بحار


بحيرة – بحيرات


نهر – أنهار


Can you think of a sentence? Write it in the comments section for another reader to learn!

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  1. Aziza:

    الصحراء بها حيوانات ليلية كثيرة.

  2. atif hussain:

    why are the words in plural? I thought it would be sensible to learn in singular first.

  3. Aziza:

    No problem Atif! I will add the singular to the table.

  4. Steve:

    Hi Aziza,
    Thanks for the vocab list! But is it possible to include the transliterate version of the words? I would like to learn how to pronounce the words too! Thank you!


  5. Aziza:

    Ahlan, Steve,
    Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will try to add a sound file with the pronunciation of the words. If it works, fine; if not, I will try to add the transcription.
    Shukran wa salam,

  6. Farhad:

    Hello I am Sha!
    I really like & love the arabic as a “Language”.
    The impression I got immediately after I
    completed MA English was that I should have
    studied “Arabic”.
    I have grown a strong passion and attachment
    for Arabic and the Arabs. How much it can last?
    This is what i don’t know nor am much sure about
    but if your gals and guys out there help me, my
    love might become fruitful for me.
    Why do i like and love arabic and the Arabs?
    This is sort of expansive questions.
    I only know that Arabic is soft, smooth
    and melodius.
    The Arabs are loving, sincere and sobre.
    Well, what I don’t know is if they are
    lovers of their language too or not.
    I aspire to someday talk fluently in arabic.
    Talk to my friends. But can i attract Arabic
    -speakers to my self by speaking their lang-
    uage is yet another thing to be experienced
    Arabic is the language of the Muslims but i do
    believe ALLAH will hear and help me even when
    i speak my mother tongue to ask him. I am
    sensitive to the degree that if i like something
    just for the sake of some good and great point
    in it and I am not answered positively…. I
    really begin to hate that thing. Well i don’t
    know why should i do it but still here i am to
    do it. I like to chat, sing, speak, think, write
    and argue in Arabic. I have no intention to
    visit an Arabic speaking country as yet but
    can it be helpful enough in learning a language to
    personally visit the country where it is spoken?
    Because we have been in this country of ours for
    since our birth but still we haven’t got command
    and control over the national language spoken
    here. Does it go to say that it doesn’t matter
    a lot to visit a country for the solitary purpose
    of learning a language spoken there? I like the
    h sound of Arabic and also I like it for not
    having the clattering sounds of t,d etc. I
    want to have good really good arabic language
    friends. I can teach you English “only and only
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    With best regards it is farhad (underscore)
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    Wassalam-o-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah!
    ( I shall be really anxiously waiting for
    the language friend of my dreams.
    How can i say in Arabic
    “The lover and Admirer of Arabic as a Language”
    Bubye thanks

  7. Aziza:

    Ahlan Farhad,
    I am glad you like the Arabic language so much and that you enjoy learning and using it, and that you have such a passion for the Arab people. It is great that you wish to make a language friend who can spend the time to practice with you. I really think that another learner of the language will be a perfect companion, as you have the same ambition and goal. I have been a teacher of Arabic for more than 10 years, and I have to admit that I am too busy to be able to dedicate the required time and effort to help you in your endeavor. I wish that you continue to read my posts and that you post your questions to me, which I will do my best to answer to the best of my abilities.
    “The lover and Admirer of Arabic as a Language”(مُحِبّ اللغة العربية)

    ( مُحِبّ العربية كلغة)
    The second is more literal, but the first is more idiomatic.
    Good luck!