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Baby Animals Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Arabic Language, Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Baby Animals صــِـــغــــَــــــار الــحـــَـــيـــــوانـــَـــات 

In today’s post, we are going to learn some names of baby animals in the Arabic language.

* The baby lion أســـَـــد is called a “cub شـــِــبــْـــل  “

* The baby horse حـِــصــَــان is called a “foal or colt مــُــهـــْـــر

* The baby donkey حــِــمــَـــار is called a “foal or colt جــَــحــْــش

* The baby of a dog كـَـلــْــب is called a “puppy جـَــرْو

* The baby of an elephant فـِــيـــل is called a “calf دعــْــفــَــل

* The baby bear دُ بّ is called a “cub دَيــْــســَــم

* The baby ostrich نَـعــَــامـَــة  is called a “chick رَال

* The baby camel نــَــاقـــَــة / جــَــمــَــل  is called a “calf حـَــوَار

* The baby sheep شــَـــاة is called a “lamb حــَــمــَــل

* The baby goat عــَــنــْــزَة  is called a “kid or billy جــَــدْىْ ”  

* The baby rabbit أرْنــَــبْ is a “bunny خــَــرْنــَــق

* The baby pig خـِــنــْــزيــر  is a “piglet خــَـــنــُــوص

* The baby rat فــَــأر  is a “pup دَرص

* The baby chicken دَجــَــاجــَـــة  is called a “chick ثــَــقّ

* The baby fox ثــَــعــْــلَــب  is called a “cub هــَــجــْــرَس

* The baby wolf ذِئــْــب  is called a “pup غــَــلــْــو ”   

* The baby cow بــَــقــَــرَة  is a “calf عــِــجــْــل

* The baby falcon صــَــقــْــر  is called a “chick هــَــيــْــث

* the baby eagle نــِــســْـــر  is called an “eaglet هــَــيــْــثـــَـــم

* The baby deer غــزَالــَــة is called a “fawn رِيـــم

* The baby butterfly فــَـــرَاشــَـــة  is called a “caterpillar يــَــرَقــَــة

* The baby pigeon حــَــمــَــامــَـــة  is called a “squab جــَــوْزَل

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Peace  ســلام /Salam/


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  1. Juan:

    Very interesting. I wonder if there is also a word for a baby cat or kitten.



    • Fisal:

      @Juan Hi Juan,
      Of course, there is a word for a baby cat or kitten in Arabic. (he) cat is قـِـطـّ /qitt/ or هـِـرّ /Hirr/ and (she) cat is قـِـطـّـة /qittah/ or هـِـرّة /Hirrah/ while a baby cat or kitten is قـُـطـَـيـْـطـَـة /qutaytah/ or هـُـرَيـْـرَة /Hurayrah/. The name of a baby cat follows a grammatical rule for (smallizing) Arabic nouns (The Tasgheer rule قاعدة التصغير). This rule can also be used to redicule people or satiring them. There is a famous religious figure in Islam who was nicknamed Abo-Hurayrah أبو هـُـرَيـْـرَة because he always carried a small cat or kitten in his sleeve.

  2. Juan:

    Shukran ya Fisal!!

    Very interesting the rule for dininutives.



  3. bint:

    Salaam alaykum
    What about a baby turtle?