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Breathe Freedom Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba! In a previous post I introduced you all to one of my favorite artists in the Arab world: Julia Boutros. By all means she is admired by millions in the Arab world and many expatriates living in different places across Europe, the United States of America, Canada and in Latin America. Given the fact that the world is watching how millions in Egypt took to the streets to voice their grievances against what they view as an illegitimate and biased government I would like to share another musical masterpiece by Julia called ‘Bitnaffas Hurriye (بتنفس حرية)’ which literally means ‘I Breathe Freedom.’ I have added a live performance of this beautiful song by Julia in form of a YouTube video. I have added the lyrics in Arabic and I have translated them into English for you to follow with the song and understand the meaning behind these profound lyrics.

Julia Boutros – I Breathe Freedom — جوليا بطرس – بتنفس حرية

انا بتنفس حرية ما تقطع عني الهوا

I breathe freedom, don’t cut off my air

ولا تزيدها كتير عليّ أحسن منوقع سوا

Don’t make it too much for me, it’s better we fall together

ما بتقدر ابدا تلغيني بدك تسمعني وتحكيني

You can never erase me, you need to listen to me and talk to me
واذا فكرك عم بيداويني مش هيدى هو الدوى

And if you think it’s curing me, this is not the remedy
يا ريتك مني بتسمع بيكفي كل اللي صار

If only you would listen to me, all that happened should be enough
القوة هي اللي بتوقع انوقفت بوجه الافكار

Force always falls, stopped in the face of ideas
هالدنيا بتسع للكل وحدها الحقيقة بتضل

This world is big enough for everyone, the truth alone remains
واذا بدك منلاقي الحل لولا منفكر سوا

And if you want us to find the solution, it will only happen if we think together

صوت الحرية بيبقى اعلى من كل الأصوات

The voice of freedom remains louder than all the voices
مهما تعصف ريح الظلم بيغطي الليل المسافات

Regardless of how the wind of oppression blows violently and the night covers the spaces
ما فيك تلون هالكون ع بعضه بذات اللون

You could never color the universe all the same color
وتبدل نظام الأرض وتغير مجرى الهوا

Or replace the order of the earth or change the current of the wind


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نهاركم سعيد

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