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Countries of the Arab World Posted by on May 16, 2010 in Culture, Uncategorized

The following is a list of Arabic-speaking countries that form what is considered the Arab world (العالم العربي). With the exception of Western Sahara, whom is administered by Morocco, the following countries are also the states that form the League of Arab States جامعة الدول العربية, a body of states that loosely resembles the EU. The Arabic speaking population of the following countries is circa 360 million people. There are countries not included in this list where Arabic is considered an official language or is spoken by a sizable portion of the population. Chad and Eritrea are two such examples.

I’ve included a map of the Arab World where country names are written in Arabic. See if you can match the names found on the map with those I included in the list.

The Arab World

The Arab World
Country Name Arabic Name (grammatical gender)
Algeria الجزائر (m)
Bahrain البحرين (f)
Comoros جزر القمر (m)
Djibouti جيبوتي (f)
Egypt مصر (f)
Iraq العراق (m)
Jordan الأردن (m)
Kuwait الكويت (f)
Lebanon لبنان (m)
Libya ليبيا (f)
Mauritania موريتانيا (f)
Morocco المغرب (m)
Oman عمان (f)
Palestine فلسطين (f)
Qatar قطر (f)
Saudi Arabia المملكة العربية السعودية (f)
Somalia الصومال (m)
Sudan السودان (m)
Syria سورية (f)
Tunisia تونس (f)
United Arab Emirates الإمارات العربيّة المتّحدة (f)
Western Sahara الصحراء الغربية (f)
Yemen اليمن (f)
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  1. Amir E. Aharoni:

    “There are countries not included in this list where Arabic is considered an official language or is spoken by a sizable portion of the population. Chad and Eritrea are two such examples.”

    What a clever way to explain why Israel is not on the list!

    • Mohamad:

      @Amir E. Aharoni Amir, Israel is not included in this list because it is not considered part of the Arab World. The is precisely why Chad and Eritrea are also not included.

  2. Will:

    would have been even better to put which of those countries are masculine and which are feminine

  3. Amir E. Aharoni:

    Considered by whom? I’m asking out of honest curiosity, not out of bitterness.

  4. Mohamad:

    Good question, Amir. And by no means I insinuated that you were asking out of anything other than curiosity. But the nature of your question suggested that Israel’s omission from the list was deliberate, which is not true.

    As far as I know, Israel, like Eritrea and Chad, is not considered part of the Arab World per se. And certainly none of those three countries are part of the Arab League. While it is true all three countries consider Arabic to be one of their official languages, I believe the relevance stops there. And to answer your question, I would argue that most Israelis would reject being labeled as part of the Arab World. That is not say that Israel’s large Arab minority are forgotten, but their presence is not sufficient to consider Israel as an Arab State or as part of the Arab World in a political context.

  5. Mohamad:


    I will update my post and add grammatical gender.

  6. Amir E. Aharoni:

    You may be right about some Israelis, but i would be happy to see Israel on that list.

    Shim’on Peres said once that he envisions that Israel will join the Arab league one day and his political opponents ridiculed him. I am not a big supporter of Peres, but i agree with him on this matter.

  7. Aiman Malik:

    good information… but if you add the capitals would be most usefull…and information…