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Even Stronger Winds of Change Posted by on Feb 23, 2011 in Culture

The winds of change started in Tunisia, followed by Egypt. Now, demonstrations are everywhere in the Arab world, Yeme, Libya, Morocco, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Libya in particular presents a very critical situation at the moment, as the Libyan regime under Gadafi is using unprecedented violence to crush the revolution, including the use of live ammunition, warplanes, and artillery. Libyan diplomats around the world are resigning in protest to such acts, and inside Libya ministers and high ranking officials in the army are also resigning in protest.

The Libyan regime is reportedly using mercenaries from sub-Saharan countries to crush the Libyan revolution after army officers refused to attack their own people, and some pilots flew to Malta seeking refuge. Despite the great international condemnation, the regime of Gadafi continues being defiant.

The popular uprising in Libya continues!

Popular = شعبي

Uprising = انتفاضة

Violence = عنف

Live ammunition = الذخيرة الحية

Warplanes = الطيران الحربي

Artillery = المدفعية

Diplomats = دبلوماسيون

Ministers = وزراء

Mercenaries = مرتزقة

Pilot = طيار

Condemnation = إدانة

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  1. Kurt:

    شكرا جزيلا! وجدت هذا البلوغ اليوم واحبه كثيرا! أدرس اللغة العربية وأضف المفردات الجديدة لمفكرتي!