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Exclamation in Arabic Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

In this post, I explain how to express exclamation in Arabic (أسلوب التعجب). In Arabic, we start exclamatory sentences with (ما), then it is followed by the (أفعل) form of the adjective, and then object you complain about, e.g.

البيت كبير. (The house is big.)

ما أكبر البيت! (How big the house is!)


البنت جميلة. (The girl is pretty.)

ما أجمل البنت! (How pretty the girl is!)


البناية عالية. (The building is tall.)

ما أعلى البناية! (How tall the building is!)


الفستان قصير. (The dress is short.)

ما أقصر الفستان!  (How short the dress is!)

Check out this funny video to give you more examples:

Now, try to make exclamatory sentences from the following statements:

القهوة ساخنة.

الشراب بارد.

الطعام طيب.

الفرس سريع.

النهر عميق.


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